Edinburgh Pt.2 - The National Gallery & Edinburgh Castle


One of the coolest random things we did during our stay was to visit to Edinburgh was seeing the National Museum in Scotland. It's a beautiful place and like most museums in the UK completely free to enter. We spent roughly 1.5 hours here but had we the time we could've easily spent the entire day. The National Museum is equal parts Art, Science & History. Some of the coolest things we saw while here was Dolly, the cloned sheep (taxidermied and on display) and a piece from CERN's LEP Collider. There was so much to see the the care and expertiece put into each and every exhibit was well worth the visit.

Edinburgh Pt.1: Portobello Beach


Part 2 in our Edinburgh series, Portobello Beach!

Located just a 20 minute cab ride from the city center, it was a perfect way to spend our first morning in Scotland. We visited in March, so the weather was still too chilly for us to go swimming. but that didn't stop us from walking right up to the water. We walked the beach front, picked up some shells and people watched all morning. Around lunch time, we wondered back into the town proper and wandered the main strip. We found a pub called The Beaten Dock on the way back that had some of the best fish n chips during our whole trip,! And later a coffee shop that unfortunately has closed since our visit.

When we first got home from our vacation, I felt terrible. I was in the height of some major depression and the guilt of not enjoying my trip had set in. But as my depression faded one of the things about my trip that stuck with me was how much we had enjoyed our day at the beach. It wasn't anything fancy. Just a relaxing ambiance that allowed me to put my mind at ease. To relax and lift myself up. Share some laughs with my husband and cut out the noise from my mind. If we return to Scotland (and I do hope so!) Portobello Beach is one of the places I hope we can visit again.

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Mermaid hair. Don't care.


Much to my mother's dismay, I'll be adding color to my hair again this week. I've dyed my hair before a few times. But I've never truly been happy with the quality. I usually spring for the bathroom-special. Over the counter and all over the sink styling. The one thing about my hair though, is that it soaks up color like a sponge and yet the dye rarely takes. I've had numerous hair dressers profess that my hair takes an usual amount of color when dying. So through trial and error I've given up on at-home dye jobs and settled for the fact that this is a studio trip.

I've been saving up and am ready to take the plunge back into colorville. Being a bar manager at an arcade, I have the ability to get a bit crazy with my appearance. The only problem I am running into now is deciding which color to choose. There's so many options and I've got reasons to love them all.

Here's my top favorites! I'm leaning towards the ombres and softer colors since I could go longer without having to redye my hair. It might be lazy, but at least I'm being realistic with my expectations.

What do you think? Have you ever dyed your hair crazy colors?

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Liverpool: Experiencing The Beatles in a day



Visiting Liverpool with my father has always been at the top of my bucket list. During our UK trip this March I got to scratch it off. My family's legacy will always be that we're a family of collectors. My aunt collects Alice in Wonderland and is a member of the Lewis Carroll Society. My uncle collects art and pop culture. My brothers and I all collect various Sci-Fi and sports memorabilia. My mom collects Scotties and art.

My father is a very prominent Beatles memorabilia collector and historian. He's contributed to over 100 books, fact checked numerous publications and even helps out some auctions in verifying if an item is fake. There's a mini museum to The Beatles in my family home. I grew up to live, eat and breathe The Beatles. So this trip was a huge thing for me.

In the middle of our trip, we met up with my parents in Liverpool. My husband and my father's birthdays are 3 days apart. My mom had wanted to take my dad on a trip to Liverpool and London for his 65th birthday while I had planed to travel with Jeremy for his 40th. It ended up being perfect that our crossover was right in the middle of their two birthdays!

We took a train from Scotland down to Liverpool Lime Street Station and stayed two nights in an AirBNB.  We had an entire evening to ourselves before meeting with my parent's the next day.


Visiting Abbey Road in London



One of the things I hope everyone knows about me is how much The Beatles are an integral part of my upbringing. My father and all his friends growing up are huge pop culture buffs - most all of them specializing in the love and lore of The Beatles. So this trip was a huge chance for me to experience Beatlemania first hand in England. We actually traveled to Liverpool with my parents for one day together and I'll write about it next. But for today I wanted to share my time at Abbey Road.

Abbey Road Studios is a bit out of the way from inner London. It's accessible by bus and by the London Overground. We utilized both to arrive here and then later, went straight to our Harry Potter tour which is also accessible from the London Overground.