The League of Thrones: GoT Fantasy League

a fantasy football style league, but with Game of Thrones characters.

This last weekend we had a a really wonderful game of thrones celebration with friends to watch the Premiere of Season 6. To make everything more interesting, a friend of ours suggested we join a Fantasy League involving the characters from Game of Thrones.

**WARNING: Season 6 Spoilers ahead ** 



is a fan-made website devoted to running a Game of Thrones fantasy league. It's super easy to setup and fun to pick your players. Every named character is draftable! You score points throughout the season for the following things your selected characters do:

  • Killings
  • Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
  • Acts of Intercourse
  • Glasses of Wine Consumned
  • Political Wins
  • Death
  • Special Abilities

I named my team "Bran's Downplayed Puberty" to poke fun at the fact that this kid has aged so much. Taking a season off didn't help him much. Is he as tall as Hodor now?

My team had a strong start. Doran Martell walked in the first episode and then was killed. This won me a whopping 109 POINTS!!!! The next highest scorer on our team has 36 to put it into perspective. It's really fun and has kept me more engaged with the characters. Every time Brienne of Tarth went to kill someone I was super excited! And of course, saddened one of my characters was a no-show.

It'll be exciting to see how the rest of the season pans out. I sure hope this lead holds true for the rest of the season. With many battles and coups coming up, I'm sure it'll be an exciting adventure.

This scene awarded points to both characters!

You can start your own Fantasy Game of Thrones league on Fantasora's website. It's not too late!


Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday
The birthday boy, super ecstatic for the miniature I made him.

In my previous blog post, I shared the details on how I painted a miniature for my husband and our tabletop campaign. This last weekend we broke out the mat and played a few more hours of our custom RP.

We've played through many different Star Trek role playing games, but none fit the bill for what we wanted. Over the last year we've instead been modifying a Star Wars tabletop called Edge of the Empire - and it's been working like a charm.

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

Jeremy's 39th Birthday
Linus got curios and rolled the dice a few times. He always wants to watch when we play games at the table.
Once the tabletop session was over, the rest of our friends joined us for a wonderful evening full of board games, drinking and watching the Dallas Stars lose in overtime. We completely forgot about Daylight savings, so 3am came to a real shocker for those still at the party. Dallas is a pretty huge area so many of our friends had an hour dive home ahead of them.

We love throwing game nights. It's something we do often and I can't help but enjoy every minute of it. Our friends are so wonderful and everyone came together to make this a special occasion for Jeremy. Our friend Monica even made these amazing galactic cupcakes!

Jeremy's 39th Birthday

So while the date has passed, I say it again. 
Happy Birthday Jeremy! <3


Jeremy's 39th Birthday
"Still Not 40"

Happy St. Paddy's Day




From one "Klov3r" to another, have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day, I hope your day is splendid. For the first time that I can remember, we have no freeze this year. My backyard is a battleground of weeds. So naturally I had to run out and find some clover. This batch was tucked away perfectly under our magnolia.

I won't pretend to be Irish for certain. I'm adopted, it's often thought that I possess features of those who are Irish and German. And while I know very little about my biological parents, I do know they had red hair, freckles and black hair.

Clover is also my namesake. I've been using that alias for 9 years now. When I was playing PC games with the PMS clan I had to change my handle to something that was easier to call-out during game play. "Clov3r" became my new alias and over the years, it's evolved into many forms, such as Klov3r and KrimsonKlover.


P.S. Today is also my dad's birthday! So I want to take a brief moment to remind him how much he's loved.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures Review

For those following my blog, I hope you've figure out by now that my theme completely revolves around my love for everything geek. I'm a collector, a gamer and an artist. So naturally when given the chance to write a review for my fellow peers - I'll take it!

We live, eat and breath geek in our house. So of course we've got a few tabletop games going. My husband is a huge trekkie. He's has been working on creating his own Star Trek RP for a while now. Fed-up with what was available, he instead opted to modify the rules for a Star Wars Roleplay called "Edge of the Empire". Its mechanics work great for what we like to do.

The one problem that we've run into, however, is that no major model company sells Star Trek related minis. At least, not in the TNG/DS9/VOYAGER universe. And the few things I've been able to find online are just not what we're looking for. Desperate to fix this, I looked into Hero Forge.

What is Hero Forge?

Hero Forge is an online website that lets you create a custom miniature. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. And the options for customizing are endless. You can choose from dozens of items, outfits, poses, facial features, races and even mounts! Once created, they'll 3D print your creation in partnership with the 3D printing company Shapeways, and in a few weeks you'll have a brand-new miniature ready to be painted and played with.

Because of Hero Forge's amazing software, I was able to render it to look exactly like my husband. I maxed out the height at 30mm, so that I could have as much detail as possible. Hero Forge gives you the option to select the pose and even base. Since his character is the captain of the crew, I opted for something befitting of a leader. I also selected a hex shaped base, since our play mat is hex sized.

The Mini I created online

Spend the extra bucks and get the Ultra Detail plastic.

Probably the biggest and only real complaint I have is the cost. When it came time to purchase, I bought the more expensive of the plastic options. Reading reviews online I saw almost unanimously that it's worth it to spend the extra ten dollars for the Ultra Detail plastic.

Ultra Detail 30mm miniatures start at $24.99 with shipping costing me another five. In total, this cost me $30 just for the miniature. Expensive when compared to the price of signature miniatures by Reaper and other brands. However, for a once-in-a-while splurge I think it's worth it. 

My 3D Printed Mini - identical to what was ordered.


While many hobbyists like to use spray on primers or forgo it all together, I got some great tips online to instead use a brush on primer. I went to my local hobby store and opted for Tamiya's Liquid Surface Primer. This one acts similarly to Plastidip. There's no room for error. Once it starts to dry, any messing with it and you'll get some gummy layering. I tried to paint it on thick in the clothing areas and as thin as possible where I wanted the ultra details to show through.You can also mix in a touch of lacquer thinner with the primer in areas where you want more detail to show through. I did so in the face and beard (see below).

Above you can still see on the chest, thigh and back pocket where the texture still display a faint amount of the 3D Printer layers. However, once paint was applied, this all but disappeared. I had a hard time getting the paint to adhere to the base, and realized a bit too late I should have given it a fine sanding before priming.

My mini, after a generous coat of brush-on primer


The final completed Hero Force mini. Here you can see a close shot of the model. The details still shining through. Using a brush-on primer really smoothed down the rough "grittiness" of the 3D printed plastic. I used Testor's Dull Clear Coat to finish the model and gave the paint job it's final seal. I did two coats just to be safe. In these photos, the paint appears to be cracking, but it's just the reflection from my camera's flash. The actual texture is really smooth and perfectly dark.




RATING: 8/10


Top Notch. I had an issue right after ordering and emailed them almost immediately. I got a reply within twenty minutes. They were super friendly.

Their website states 2-4 weeks shipping time. I've heard some people have gotten theirs quicker but mine took about 3 weeks to arrive. Since it has to go through Shapeways, it takes some time. It was well packed and there was no damage.

I had a really great experience with my mini. No fragility, something that is often complained about.

Again, cost. This is not a cheap means for creating miniatures for your tabletop game. But paired with a special occasion (like my husband's birthday) I found it worth the splurge. Especially for how well it came out in the end.


I can't wait to send off to have my character printed soon. Sadly my birthday isn't for quite a while but who knows. Maybe my cats will spoil me for Mother's Day. ;)

Have you ever painted any miniatures for any games? Please feel free to share any experiences or tips you have in the comments. Thanks for reading!

- Stephanie

The Artemis visits NASA


The biggest thing my husband is passionate about is Star Trek. He lives, eats and breathes it. However, it was something that he didn't get to explore as much as his other hobbies. He played beer league hockey and attended video game LANs for over 20 years. After we got together, he found himself going the full-mile with his ridiculous love of Star Trek. It was something I encouraged, so he stopped holding back,

Fast forward a year into our relationship and he's got a few costumes and an ever increasing amount of collectables. He's been in a few fan groups and after our wedding, took it upon himself to start his own within our circle of friends. The U.S.S. Artemis, named after the game Artemis Bridge Simulator, is a part of the fan organization Starfleet International.We occasionally get the chance to meet up with other chapters.

Every few years Starfleet's Texas and Louisiana chapters meet in Houston for a weekend event. This year a handful of us made the 4-hour drive from Dallas to engage in our usual shenanigans.










Being a geek in Texas, I've traveled to NASA every few years. The most exciting thing about this year's trip was seeing all the new things that they've added.

Houston's mission control is getting a big uplift for in preparation for all the Mars missions that are underway. We got to see all the wonderful thigns that Space-X and Orbital are keeping in Houston. And of course - the amazing Orion capsule.

Traveling Worf: Visits NASA Johnson Space Center

If you've never been to NASA but have the chance to go, I highly recommend it! Do the tours. Take in the science and history. Play in the kids areas. Do everything. I promise you won't regret it.

You can check out my Flickr to see more amazing photos of our trip to NASA.

- Stephanie