'Ode to my computer


My lovely computer, my dearest amor...
You hang when loading processes.
How-come you don't work right anymore?

I've scanned you and searched
no malicious files were found.

I even tested your RAM
and you sometimes drop sound.

Are your drivers giving you issues?
Is the O.S. a piece of shit?
Why in the world are you throwing this fit?

No blue screen of death
No luck playing flash.
Are you rebelling against Java?
Did Sun Microsystems make you crash?

Whatever the problem, please know C.P.U.
I promise to fix you. Even if it's the last thing I do.

In case anyone is wondering, I've got a bit of a weird problem going on with my computer. For no reason what so ever it's been acting up. At first I thought it might have been 1 specific program acting up that would hang when I tried to load it. That was, until I realized that many of my programs were not working in similar manners. Steam won't even launch any more and it seems like more and more as time goes on less programs are working. Most of these are associated with specific media processes and hardware and so I've narrowed it down to being a possible driver issue involving one or more drivers, issues with my Motherboard crapping out, or my Operating System - apparently the copy a friend gave me is the Euro version of Home Premium.

Since Jer has the day off tomorrow we're going to spend the day backing up all of my files and preparing for a fresh install of the OS (this time the non-Euro version). But not until we've ruled out that it's not hardware related. I'd prefer to not go through all of this again. >.<

Here's hoping I get my computer fixed soon. <3


UPDATE! It looks as though automatic updates overrode my sound drivers with the default AMD ones - this causing my issues. Everything is now back to working order. <3

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  1. This post is no longer valid. The demons within your computer have been exorcised. :D