Things are better.


I know it's still another month away, but with the thought of Rosh Hashanah on my mind I can't help but reflect back on the previous year. So much has changed in my life and yet I don't feel as though I've changed much as person. And while I've been in a bit of a funk these last few months, overall I know I'm on the right track.

I have an amazing man in my life and I wouldn't trade him for anyone. Sometimes I don't think I tell him that enough, but he knows. We've been living together for a few months now and in that time we've made a lot of vast improvements in our lives. We've changed our diet, our work-out routines and made constant efforts to have mini adventures ever day. I can't think of a day that we have not gone to bed smiling.

As for our diet, we dabbled a bit with the idea of being vegetarian/vegan but because of my picky eating habits, his Cajun roots and our limited budget, we've settled for going Pescatarian ( Veggie + Fish). We are mostly doing this for health reasons. I have a lot of food allergies and cutting out red meat and dairy has really improved my quality of life, not to mention our weight. We also walk an hour every night around our neighborhood, roughly 3 miles depending on our route, and finish the night with core training to get a total body workout.

All in all, life is heading in a direction that I'm satisfied with. I never thought I'd get so much comfort and security from a relationship. He is my best friend. And I love him. <3

- Stephanie

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