TROLLCAKES - rainbow cupcakes


Sometimes I make something so ridiculous, I can't help but laugh the entire time I'm doing it.

Jer works at Rackspace Hosting and I'll sometimes send him to work with a tray of treats to share with everyone on his shift. Since they're all a bunch of loveable trolls, I thought this a fitting treat: Meme Face Cupcakes!

[ via emezeta ]

Like my Nyan Cat Cake, they're simple to bake. It's the decorating that takes a bit of patience.

Once cooled and iced, I rolled the outside of the cupcakes in a bowl full of sprinkles. I used a sandwich bag to pipe the meme faces and emoticons, as well as the "F-YEAH 2nd Shift!" and Rackspace logo cupcakes.

Our friend Bixler, forever alone.

I think my favorites from the bunch are Forever Alone, F*ck yea, and I see what you did there face.

Here are some more close ups of my favs:

I see what you did there...

fuuuuuuuuuuu & forever alone

It's awesome because they're the ones nomming them. I can still be creative with my baking and not have to worry about eating nothing but cake for three days. Don't get me wrong, I love cupcakes. I just hate it when my mid-section starts to resemble one. :p




  2. These are AWESOME. And, hello :-)

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