Cacodemon Pumpkin


dunn dun dunnnn dun dunnnn dun dunn dun...

OK, So odds are many of you haven't played the video game Doom. Well this little guy, called Cacodemon, is from the game. He's pretty fantastic. Whenever I see him, I always think of a jack-o-lantern. Thus, it had to become one.

It took me about 6 hours total and I only had one real mishap during the carving. Though, I did break two of my tools. Partially why it took me so long to complete.

Here's a few close-ups of the finished product:

I love carving pumpkins. I love painting pumpkins. I love anything and everything about pumpkins. I wish we were handing out candy this year for Halloween. The only reason we haven't really gone pumpkin crazy this year is because we won't be home for Halloween and I don't want to tease the neighborhood kids. Thus, this little guy will probably be transplanted somewhere to a loving home.

We'll be carving pumpkins once more this weekend. I wonder what I'll make next...

Have you guys been carving pumpkins yet?
What did you carve?

Happy Haunting!
<3 Stephanie


  1. WOW, holy balls dude, your pumpkin is amazing!

  2. omg, that's so freaking cool! DOOM!!! ahhhh i'm spazzing out from geekiness.

    hmm do i still remember the cheat codes? let's see...

    idkfa = all weapons? maybe?
    iddqd = god mode?

    i don't remember. not sure i ever knew, i think i just knew the codes and punched them in not knowing which was which.
    one was really long... can't remember it. maybe the walking through walls one?

    i hated the imps, they made horrible sounds.

  3. ahaha eef. Sounds like you're a bigger fan than I am.

    I hope you're staying beefed up for Doom 4. My friends who work at id Software assure me it's going to be amazing :3


  4. I am honestly surprised you managed this in just six hours. Dang! Your pumpkins are some of the most intricate I've seen!

    - Lindsay

  5. Thanks Lindsay! I'm hoping to convince Jeremy that we need a Thanksgiving pumpkin. I hate that there's only a few weeks out of the year that we can carve them.

  6. Such a artist! Although I am a big Quake fan, this nevertheless brings about part of my childhood. Thank you so much 😎