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I finally caught Jeremy up on The Walking Dead season 1 this weekend, in time for yesterday's premiere. I'm a really big fan of the comic and an even bigger fan of the show. While I realize that the two have completely separate stories now, it's something that makes it even more interesting for me as a fan. I mean, where's the fun in a zombie title when you know already what's going to happen?

But The Walking Dead season 2 isn't the only thing I've been reading/watching lately.
Here are my top 8 favorite titles about zombies*

1// The Walking Dead - TV series - First off, I know this has become separate from the comics and I'm ok with that. I'm not that far into the comics, but as a show by itself I am very much in love with it. The special FX are great and the story keeps you interested. I find myself laughing, crying and hiding my face behind my hands.
2// Dead Snow (Dod Sno) - movie - subtitled - Probably one of my favorite movies. I watched it without sound the first time (I was at a party and it was muted) and missed out on a lot of the fun this movie offers. It's a Norwegian zombie flick that takes place in the mountains. Nazi zombies attack. If you're not one for titles, but a total zombie film fanatic - suck it up! This one is worth the read.
3// Highschool of the Dead - Anime series - Tons of zombies, lots of action and plenty of panty-shots and sex appeal. While it may be short (at only 12 episodes) it is everything you'd expect out of a zombie anime and more. I highly recommend it, though you might want to think twice about who you watch it in front of.
4// Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - book. I had a bit of a hard time reading this at first, but once I got used to the style - it was a breeze to get through. It's got zombies as well as ninjas. There's a graphic novel of the book out, though I've yet to read it. I saw some less than favorable reviews for it, so I'm waiting until it get's a bit cheaper before I give it a chance. The book series also has a prequel out called Dawn of the Dreadfuls.
5// Night of the living Trekkies - book. I'm not very far into this book yet, but OMG IS IT AMAZING?!! It takes place at a sci-fi con in Houston, TX and involved a convention of nerds taken over by a zombie apocalypse. If zombies, star trek or conventions are anything you're interested it - I recommend you read this book!
6// Fido - movie. It's like Shaun of the Dead meets My Dog Skip meets Pleasantville. That's how I can best describe this movie without giving too much away. It takes place in a made-up town in America during a zombie apocalypse. There's so much sarcasm and cliche that you'll be laughing your @ss off plenty. Easily my favorite zombie parody.
7// Shaun of the Dead - movie - DONT. Stop. me. nowwwww. This movie is beyond funny and cemented itself in the zombie genre as one of the best parodies for zombie movies.
8// *28 Days Later - It's been said by the director that this is not a zombie movie (rage virus, not undead) but the overall atmosphere captures that of a zombie flick. The cinematography is fantastic and the soundtrack even more so. A must see, though it's sequel left something to be desired.


Also, check out this awesome trailer for the Night of the Living Trekkies book:


Also, here's a song that I love called Brains! about brains sung by Voltaire. It was featured on an episode of Billy & Mandy.

Things I want to get into but don't have the time/money:
1. World War Z - I've been looking for a used copy of it, but can't find one anywhere.
2. Dead Island - videogame - too broke to jump on this bandwagon. :/
3. The Walking Dead comic - the compendium volume 1 runs upwards of $30 with the 2nd coming out sometime in the future. I'm hoping to get it for the holidays *cough cough wink nudge*

What are some of your favorite zombie titles? Did I miss some that you like more? I know the list can go on and on and on, especially considering how many genres and mediums zombies can cover.

Stay tunes for more posts this week. I've got another tutorial ready for WEDS' post.
I'll give you a hint: it's part of our actual Halloween costumes for this year. It also involved one of the 8 titles above. Can you guess which one it is? :)

<3 Stephanie

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  1. I also LOVE The Walking Dead, but I had to come back to comment because I remembered seeing this and the zombie makeup post. So today I discovered the ZombieBooth Lite app for iPhone. If you have and iPhone, I think you'd enjoy - hella creepy! lol

    - Lindsay