Bear with me as I begin a new chapter in my life...


I know the last few posts of mine have seemed a bit random. 2 weeks ago I was offered a full-time job. My dream job so to speak, nudging my foot firmly into the door of a growing IT company. I've been unemployed since the end of April (with the exception of being a part-time nanny this past month) and I'm slowly adjusting back into the work mindset. We're also pre-planning a move for January and adopting a kitten shortly after.

When I launched my blog, I chose a Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule because I knew I was going to be working full-time again. My hope was that only 3 updates a week would give me enough time to recuperate in between. However, this last month working as a nanny has shown me that working full-time and remember to update my blog can sometimes be a hassle. There have been nights where I'm laying down in bed going, "OH NO, I FORGOT TO POST TOMORROW'S UPDATE!" only to stay up another hour putting together a post. (like tonight, whoops!).
"Ad hoc, ad loc and quid pro quo. So little time, so much to know"
- Jeremy, The Yellow Submarine

I'm in the middle of starting lots of new changes over the next few months, and I ask that you all bear with me as I adjust to my new schedules and settings. I'll still post Mon/Weds/Friday, but don't freak out if I missed a day. D:

If you guys have any "favorites" that you'd like me to continue posting, such as my thrifty finds, recipes, or crafts - then let me know! I'll try and keep you all as entertained as I can. I mean, it's why I'm writing this blog, isn't it?

Thanks for sticking around! I've come to know so many great people and blogs. And while I may not be a top ranking blogger, just knowing that I have people who read my blog regularly makes me feel like a champ. Thanks for being so awesome you guys!!


Now that all that is taken care of,
please enjoy this picture of "Mr. Caterpillar"the stoplight at the end of our street.
We talk to him while driving, asking him to change the lights for us.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Next time you see me, I'll be a working woman!!

<3 Stephanie


  1. congratulations on the new job! i know what you man with the updates--does blogger let you schedule them? i tend to write most of my updates for the week on one day and then just schedule them to post on the days i want them. maybe you could do that?

  2. Yeah, it let's me edit the post options, so that I can chose the time and date of a post. I've actually imported some of my previous blog posts by using the same method, and choosing a date later in the past. It's pretty nifty!

  3. All Hail Mister Caterpillar! For He is holy, and He is wise!