The story of us


I hate that this is my blog and not Jeremy's for this post. He's so much better at retelling stories than I am. But bare with me. I'll try not to drag it on too much.

Jeremy and I at a Charity Event back in May. c/o James Brewer


Jeremy and I met last August at a LAN event here in Dallas called Quakecon.
We started dating a few months later after we had already become good friends.

Quakecon is annual event and has thousands of attendees. We didn't really "meet" though until after the event, online via Facebook. For all of my "not-so-nerdy" readers, a LAN is when people bring their computers or game consoles to the same location and hook them up to play together. Quakecon is one of the largest, with over 3,000 attendees. I was just so busy at the event that I missed all of his signals. He saw me plenty but I really didn't see him.

We ran into each other a few times, flirted a bit and then parted ways. Shortly after the event, I saw him on commenting on a friend's Facebook page and added him. He was pretty cool and we talked a lot on Facebook. He was working over-nights at his job and I was an insomniac. He had asked me out a couple of times but I kept declining. Jeremy is almost 11 years my senior and I wasn't comfortable with that idea yet. Obviously, I changed my mind. ;)

One day in November he was having an absolute shitty week and so I made plans for us to go out for drinks. I figured it was the least I could do to cheer up my now good friend. Jeremy was so tired from work that day, that he accidentally slept through our plans. Feeling terrible about it, he came over the next night. We hung out and talked a lot. We watched silly videos and compared musical tastes. We are both into the same tunes, so we had fun looking up music all night.

Jer playing in the snow. It only snows here about once a year,
so we were both having a good time of it.

It wasn't long before we started driving back and forth to each others places to see one another (we were living 45mins apart at the time) and without realizing it we had pretty much started dating. I just felt so at ease around him and he made me laugh all the time. Even to this day, I always go to bed with a smile on my face. It wasn't until December that we told our friends and family that we were dating. It took me almost a month to feel comfortable about our age difference, but now I hardly ever notice it. Jeremy acts 10 years younger than he really is, so it evens out. ;)


My anniversary present to Jeremy was this commission I had drawn by artist Nick Swift.
It's of Jer and I in our Star Trek costumes. :)

It's now our one year anniversary and I couldn't be any happier. We're living together and the three of us (Jeremy, his cat Linus and myself) have become one big happy family. I've never been treated so well in my life, nor as happy as I am now. We have so many ridiculous things in common. His birthday (March 14) is my favorite number, Pi. He also has a clover tattoo that he got when he was younger. We both have so many of the same favorites. Our sense of humor is also something that bonds us together. He's is definitely my best friend!

We're going out to celebrate on Friday night. I'm so excited. We're both so low-maintenance that we don't go out on big extravagant dates often. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Anyway, I hope I didn't muddle on too much. I could go on and on and on about how much I love this man. Thanks for bearing with me and my mushy blog-post.

Happy Anniversary Bébé. <3


  1. i love this! so geeky, but fun! my boyfriend and i started dating because i told him about my days (years) playing ultima online and he was a closet WoW player. =]

  2. hehe, isn't it great how that works? I'm so happy for you and your bf. Jeremy and I are both lovers of the video game Quake - though he refuses to play the newer Quake games against me. I always win. ;D

  3. Yeah... she does... it's quite sad, actually :p

  4. Happy Anniversary you two!
    I hope your night out was fabulous and that you have many more wonderful years together :)