Thrifty Finds: Canton



It was so busy. I'm glad to have had Sunday off so I could relax and get things done at my own pace. I wish it could last through to the week. Case of the Monday's? Probably. hehe


I found out late Thursday night that I got the job I interviewed for. It's for a growing data hosting company that specializes in cloud hosting. I'll start in two weeks (had to put a notice in, since I'm currently a nanny).

I also found out yesterday that I'm a second-cousin once again, twice over!! My cousin Matt and his wife, Gina brought a beautiful baby girl into the world yesterday! My cousin Stephen and his wife Amanda also found out this weekend that they preggers with their second. Considering how small our family is, it's a big deal! We're all excited. :)

And of course, Jeremy and I took a day-trip out to First Monday Trade Days in Canton. We saw so many amazing things. Ate amazing things. And brought home some pretty nifty things.


There was so much to see and do.
We probably only walked through 1/2 of what there was to see.


Food at Canton is comparable to fair food.
It's a bit pricey, but totally part of the fun.


Some of the things I was drooling over:

Vintage Pyrex!! What I wouldn't give for some.
The 2nd pic was my favorite, but it was priced too high and the seller was firm on her price.
Jeremy and I are waiting until we move before we stock up on a few sets.


There was plenty of Mushroom'd kitchenware to be found.
Jeremy's mom used to own the same set from the first photo.


Tons of cute shoes!!
These were so lovely, but way too small. :(


More cool things we came across:



We scored a bunch of cool things! :D


I got a few aprons and a dish towel. We picked up four cloves of garlic from the farmer's market, and got a much needed teapot for our kitchen. Jeremy got a metal fleur-de-lis to hang and an original Transformers Thermos. I also got a super adorable Halloween ceramic and some power insulators for a friend that collects them. Oh yeah, and this...


Our favorite find by far was the Harry Potter cookie jar. This this is huge!! We paid $18 for it. The ladies wouldn't go any lower, but that was OK. The Spock cookie jar we were looking to buy goes for $50 and doesn't even hold half the cookies this one will. It had a few nips and dings, but nothing too noticeable. It's an early anniversary present to ourselves. We celebrate our 1-year next week.


All-in-all a successful trip. We'll probably hold off until the spring before our next Canton adventure. Canton is pretty much my thirfting-mecca. I cannot wait until we go again!


Where do you guys go for your biggest thrifting adventures?
Have any cool stories?


If you'd like to see more photos from our trip and of all the cool things we saw,
check out my Flickr! I uploaded 63 photos from our Canton trip. :)

<3 Stephanie


  1. OMG!!! There is so much goodness in this post!! I LOVE pretty much everything that you have in your photos. Those mushrooms are gorgeous, that sewing machine, the pyrex, the cameras and that HP cookie jar. God!!! I see that you had an awesome adventure.


  2. Boy did we ever!!! If you take the time to check even the dingiest of seller booths - you'll find some amazing stuff!

  3. Dammit, you shoulda told me how much of a derp-face I had in that picture with the Worf lunchbox :p

  4. OOOOOH yes!!! Canton Baby!!! And hell ya you got a turkey leg!! I always have to get a turkey leg and a funnel cake there!! Im definitely planning a trip there in October haven't been in for-eva!! Its too hot!