Travel Size Sriracha


Sorry, but I'm keeping today's post short and simple.

I start my new job today and when I was preparing my lunch last night, I knew I wanted to bring some Sriracha along for the ride. I thought it silly to share bring a whole bottle to work, so I 0pted for travel size.

How To:
No lengthy tutorial for this one. All you need is a white/clear and green travel size bottles. Swap the cap for the white one with the green one. Use a paint pin and draw on your design!! It's as simple as that. I'll try and seal it later, so that it doesn't wash off. I'll definitely be hand-washing this bottle.

Nothing too extravagant, though I hope to find a more clear squeeze bottle sometime in the near future. Maybe even do some etching if I can find a good clear bottle. I chose this one because It looked as though it wouldn't open on it's one and waste all that delicious rooster sauce.

I'll be sure to post more about my obsession with Sriracha later :3

<3 Stephanie

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