I got engaged!!!


OK, so I am still on a hiatus, but I just couldn't wait until the new year to tell the news
- Jeremy and I got engaged!!!

OMG Steph, how did he propose?!
Jeremy and I met about a year and a half ago at Quakecon, an anual LAN party where people bring their computers and nerd out for an entire weekend. We started dating a few months after, during which we had become really good friends.

Well, Quakecon has been held at the Hilton Anatole here in Dallas for quite some time now. Jeremy and I had helped set up at the event this past year and were given some free parking passes to the very nice (and expensive) hotel. They were going to expire at the end of this year, and Jeremy suggested that we use our last one and go out for a nice date. We're going to be pretty much stop-and-go for the next 2 weeks, so he thought it'd be nice to have a date with just the two of us.

The Nebula sculpture hanging from the atrium, at the Anatole via

I threw on some make-up and a nice dress and we headed out to our date. We spent the evening at one of the hotel's restaurants, The Media Bar, and had a wonderfully elegant dinner. We got to sit on the inside patio, facing all the beautiful decorations and The Nebula sculpture. After dinner, Jeremy and I thought it'd be nice to walk around the hotel and see what it's like when it's not filled with thousands of drunk gamers. We ended up walking over to the convention center side and that's when it happened....

Jeremy walked up to the gate in which they had locked up the convention center and said that he really wished it was open... *gets down on one knee*... so that he could propose exactly on the spot where we met. He hadn't even popped the question yet and I was already nodding my head "yes" and crying.

Needless to say I got nothing done last night. I've still got to do a load of laundry and pack for our weekend trip to Lake Charles. I hope you guys love Wedding posts, because there will be A LOT OF THEM!! hehe

Happy Holidays everyone!!!
See you again in the new year.


  1. awwww how sweet! congratulations :)

  2. Again, congrats hun! I'm so happy for you!

  3. I love wedding posts and weddings. Damnit Steph. Now I'm gonna be all weepy over your blog.

  4. Congrats again, doll! :D Can't wait to see the wedding posts!

  5. Congrats to you!