A very Jewish Christmas


I've mentioned before that I'm Jewish, but I wanted to share something that happened to me recently. The holiday season more or less from my perspective. TL;DR version here.


Every year around this time, I fall into a deep depression. People say it's because of money, relationships or the weather, but for me it's actually about something else entirely - Christmas.

Now don't get me wrong, I respect the traditions that Christians have about the holiday.What bums me out about the holiday is more so about the corporate side of things, and how all the "spirit of Xmas" marketing has me feeling left out as a Jew.

I can't go into a store, dressing room, elevator or restaurant without hearing holiday music and seeing Christmas decorations. It also bugs me when people call Xmas trees a "holiday" tree. There's nothing remotely festive about pine trees to Jews for Hanukkah. I feel like people get so engulfed in the holiday that they sometimes forget there are others who don't take part. And I generally give in and try my best to not "grinch" out. I'm not saying I want to lead a crusade against Christmas. I just want to enjoy my holiday as much as others enjoy Christmas. ^^

Well, all of that changed recently. I had an amazing experience at Target last week. I literally dropped to my knees and started crying. I was so moved, I wanted to find the store manager and hug him...

* a wild Hanukkah aisle appears! *

Target has gotten Festive for Festival of Lights!! They even created a section on their website, with plenty of online exclusives. I'm totally ordering one of these menorah's!! The one near my house even devoted a whole end aisle in the $1 section to nothing but Hanukkah toys, bags, chocolates and dreidals. And they even put some Hanukkah gelt in the Xmas candy aisle.

It's very apparent that Target worked really hard to make Jews feel included in the shopping experience this Holiday and I completely applaud them for it. Seriously, my old Hanukkah decorations have been falling apart and some much-needed replacement is in order.

It's nice to feel like a part of the holiday shopping experience. My mom and I have been going crazy buying lots of neat things in preparation for Hanukkah. I can't wait!

<3 Stephanie

P.S. I made a ragenovel on reddit to sum up this post.
you can read it here.


  1. !!! fantastic! my boyfriend is jewish and i always feel bad about sticking christmas stuff everywhere but i've never seen hanukkah decorations before. guess i'm going to target!

  2. !!!!!!!!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!! I'm not Jewish, however I totally respect everyone's holiday. For me, I celebrate Christmas for the sake of Christmas and Yule 'cause I'm Wiccan! I can just imagine how great I'd feel if a wild Wiccan aisle appeared. <3

    Anyway!!! This is awesome. Have you thought of calling and leaving a message of thanks to the Manager? I've done that before. Can't hurt! :D

  3. That's such a great idea Angie! I'd love for them to know how much I appreciate it so they'll hopefully do it again next year. ^^

  4. lol nice ragenovel :P