Weekend Adventures #1


Photobooth fun w/ Jeremy over the weekend.

Jeremy and I got some much needed R&R over the weekend. We had some friends over on Saturday for wine and latkes. I needed to brush up on my potato frying skills, as we have a holiday party to go to next weekend and it's a potluck! I found a new recipe on reddit last night and I'm totally wanting to give it a try.

We then spent Saturday night at his company's holiday party. They rented out some space at Main Event, a local franchise entertainment hall, filled with a bar, billiards, bowling, laster tag and arcade games. I beat Jeremy both times we played Laser Tag, so you can definitely say that I had a good time

So much phone flash!

The only downside was that Jeremy got sick from the fog machines in the laser tag arena and had to stay home sick yesterday. Not the best start to his week, but at least he got to catch up on some sleep.

Here's to weekend adventures.
Happy Monday everyone!

<3 Stephanie

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