1 Star Phobia - the fear of bad reviews


Last night Jer and I spent some time looking online for things we'll want to register for. We're not exactly sure when we're supposed to register, but we figured that with our invitations going out in a month or so, it'd be best to start looking now...

...Well silly me. I seem to have developed a bad habit.

For years, I've wanted a KitchenAid Mixer. I've seen them on the cooking shows and food blogs. People praise them and it's pretty much developed a cult following. Well while searching on Amazon for the one we want, I got caught up reading all the negative reviews. Before I knew it, scared myself into not wanting one anymore. But it didn't stop there either. I wasn't registering for towels/measure cups or shower curtains either because I would trip my self up over a handful of negative views. I suppose my thought processing was "Well if these 100 people all complained about it, it must be a serious problem! What if it happens to us?"

Eventually I expressed my concern to Jeremy and he reassured me that in all likely hood, the negative reviews are coming from a small group of people who bought the items and had problems. That most people who bought it probably didn't come back to write a review.

And while I'll admit it got me mostly over my habit of taking these reviews too seriously, I can't help but have that lingering thought in the back of my mind that I'll be getting a defective product. I just tend to be an unlucky person and I suppose having a broken mixer would just make me one sad panda.

- - -

Crazyness aside, this weekend will be the chock full of more of wedding planning!

Jer and I have a meeting with a wedding planner. We're only using her for the rehearsal and ceremony, but hiring her comes with a few hours of consultation and we thought it best to use it now while we're in the process of booking vendors. We're also getting the ring sized as it's a half-size too big. And oh yeah, I'm going dress shopping with my mom and a friend.

Hopefully once all the stressful planning is out of the way, I can take the time to start planning the fun stuff - such as cakes, flowers, invitations, and other wedding goodies. I've also got a few book and comic reviews coming up, so stay tuned!

<3 Have a great weekend!


  1. You know, I'll be honest... I've worried about a bad review here and there before, however with my impulsiveness and stubborness, I normally bought the product and... Had no issues, nada! I think a LOT of people in the world honestly purchase or receive a product, mistreat said product and than say it's "bad."

    I worked for Xbox for a while. So many people called in and would say that their kids spilled soda on their Xbox, and oh my goodness, IT STOPPED WORKING. Who was to blame? Us, of course.

    Like a supervisor once told me, people who are unhappy will spread their unhappiness about a certain place/event/product, but people who have nothing bad to say often don't say anything at all.

    So my advice is GET WHAT YOU WANT! If you think it's something you will enjoy, if you really want this or that, GET IT. Try and see how long the warranty is as well, so if you do have a problem, you can get the issue fixed. Most likely, you won't and you'll be happy, though!!!

  2. I always read the bad reviews. It's mostly village idiots or people who did get a defective product and simply refused to cooperate with the company to get it resolved -- they just sat there and complained about the horrible product and company instead of doing something about it. You won't get saddled with a defective one, and if you do, it can always be resolved without becoming a horror story, especially if you stick with stuff from major vendors, like Amazon, among others.

    I demand dress pics!

  3. oh man we've been reading amazon reviews too for a new flat screen. they negative ones scare the crap out of you don't they!? especially if its for a really expensive thing.