I love Sunflowers!


I absolutely love sunflowers! They're probably one of my favorite flowers. If someone were to offer me either a bouquet of sunflowers or a bouquet of roses, I'd take the sunflowers in a heartbeat. I think they're just the bees knees.

Jeremy and I decided last night that we wanted them to be the main flower at the wedding. We also finally decided on our wedding colors last night and the winner is blue & yellow!!

Jeremy has already incorporated it into his tux design (the boys are renting tuxes) and it's looking quite amazing.

More wedding stuffs tomorrow!!

Also, I've got a new craft post coming up later this week. I originally wanted to post a food blog today, but Jer and I have both been sick and cooking has been the farthest thing on my mind.



  1. Obv. this means you need to buy wedding supplies at IKEA since your wedding will match the building. Aka, come see me because IKEA is a great place to buy bulk. :)

  2. My sister had nothing but sunflowers and daisies for her wedding bouquet and on her cake. It was really pretty!