It's the little things... building a fort


It's the little things in life....
like making a blanket fort with your best friend...

...and eating chocolate cake in bed.

Sometimes the simplest things can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Simple, like a blanket fort. Jeremy saw a similar post on Reddit yesterday and asked if we could make one ourselves. Excited, I busted out my master tent-making skills and got to work. It lasted through the night, too!

I'm hoping Jer left it up for me to climb back into when I get home.


Inspired and want to build your own?
Here are some of my blanket fort building tips.

All you really need is some rope, hair ties (or rubber bands), and a couple of light weight blankets and sheets. I like to use the lightest blanket on top, so that the there isn't too much weight on the rope. Bed sheets work best for this.

I used some smaller blankets and hair ties for the extension. After attaching all sorts of extra blankets and scarfs to my main sheet, I tucked the extras under our mattress for added support.

I lucked out and had two perfectly placed curtain rods across the room. I used a 50ft nylon rope and it got the job done with rope to spare. My rope was about 1/2" thick and I made sure to tie it tight, but not too tight that it'd pull the curtain rods off the wall. Here's how I tied my rope:

If you don't have any curtain rods to anchor to, use your imagination!

Doors, bed posts, chairs and ladders are also good for anchor points. Be wary of bookshelves. If you think your anchor might tip, make sure to secure it down.

Sometimes when I use chairs, I like to stack a bunch of heavy books and objects in the seat to keep it from tipping over.

- - - - -

There you have it!
My not-so-secret blanket fort building tips.

Happy Fort Building my friends!

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