Wedding Wednesdays: Etsy Cake Toppers



New Segment! I've decided to turn m Weds posts into "Wedding Wednesdays" for the time being, in the hopes that I don't flood this blog with wedding planning.


Today's Post: Cake Toppers!!

OK, so maybe it's a bit premature to start worrying about some of these things, but I feel like the cake topper is one of the few places that Jeremy and I can get away with a little theme at the wedding. We're just about 7 months from our wedding. Oh my!

Here are 6 of some of my favorite hand-made cake toppers from Etsy.

  1. by atcompanyb | $22
  2. by CreativeButterflyXOX | $63
  3. by MyCustomCaketopper | $85
  4. by Garden4Arts | $85
  5. by knottingwood | $50
  6. by feltess | $89

We'll probably end up making our own, but that doesn't stop me from wanting a few of these anyway! I love the idea of putting a mini banner on the cake. We're thinking of doing a cupcake tier with a single-layer cake on top.

I also love the painted peg people, though I would probably sculpt something our of Super Sculpy.

So many inspirations and fun ideas!!

<3 xoxo

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  1. Saw this and remembered your post and HAD to share! Cracked me up and totally made me think of you:

    (The star trek one is a close 2nd. It even looks like you guys already! lol)