Love is: Comics, Face Off and LBP


Love is....
....spending a Thursday night at a comic book store

Last night was a prime example for why Jeremy is my best friend.

Since we're both getting off work before 5pm, Jer and I decided to hit up the comic book store to get our newly released comics over at Madness Comics here in Plano. The new Walking Dead #94 just came out as well as Star Trek #6. After stocking up on comics, a blind box Marvel toy and a Star Trek shirt, we headed back home.

TV time resulted in Face Off time, though our receiver crapped out on us just before the final looks. I'm so upset! We switched the TV over to the PS3 and decided to get some Little Big Planet action going on instead. Jeremy and I are getting pretty competitive and with only one controller and sharing is becoming difficult. I suppose I should invest in another one this weekend.

\We finished off the night reading comics in bed. 

Yup, life is pretty good. I'm so happy I get to nerd it out with my best friend and soon to be husband.

How do you like to unwind your day?



  1. Jordan (my fiancé) and I generally get home from work, prepare/order in dinner, and turn on the PS3 for a show to stream on Netflix. We're going through Star Trek (TNG) currently! We just watched the episode in season 6 where Picard, Guinan, ensign Ro and Keiko O'brien get turned into kids.. *facepalm*
    I kinda envy you and Jeremy's trip to the comic shop - Jordan manages our local comic bookstore, so going in just feels like work to him. If you ever find yourself in the bay area, though, you should look it up -- it's great! Huuuuge selection, couches, and a friendly cat. :) There's a tour of the shop up on my blog if you wanted to take a look!

    - Kayla @

  2. That's pretty cool though! And yeah, I understand how being in that environment can take away some of the magic. Jeremy and I both met working for a big LAN event here in Texas and I can safely say that after working many conventions, the magic wears off and it feels just like any other job. Of course it has it's perks! But it's not all YAY AWESOME PARTY like people think it is.

    ALSO, YAY ON TNG! Jeremy and I are just one season away from finishing Voyager and then we're off to blast through Stargate Atlantis. Thank goodness for Netflix.

  3. i only just started watching The Walking Dead. Daniel has been obsessed with the comics for a couple years now...i keep saying i will read them...eventually :)