Happy First Contact Day!!


Star Wars has "May the 4th" and Trekkies have April 5th: First Contact Day.

First Contact Day was a holiday celebrated to honor the flight of the Phoenix and First Contact with the Vulcanson April 52063. 
On Earth, children get the day off from school, a fact Captain Janeway remembered was really the only way they used to celebrate it.
It's nothing super imporant or based off anything that REALLY happened. It's just a fun pretend holiday us trekkies like to celebrate. I mean, who can pass up an excuse to celebrate Star Trek AMIRITE?

In honor of First Contact Day, here are some of my TREK 3 FAVS.

Check out this handmade oven mit on Etsy
Jeremy said he wanted a new mit. Maybe I'll buy him this one!

These TOS style cupcakes from Just Jenn Recipes are so adorable.

I laughed so hard at this. 
Trek Yourself print from LennyMud on Etsy

And for a special added bonus, here's a photo of Jeremy and I in Costume at Sci-Fi Expo this past February with our friends Kurt, Maria & Angie. You can see up in Make-up in the first photo and without in the second.

Oh what fun it is to be a geek. <3

Happy First Contact Day!
Live long & prosper. <3

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