Instagram Crazy - Instagram now out for Android users.


Yesterday afternoon about an hour or so before the tornadoes hit, Instagram was released for the Android. There were over 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours. Can you tell we were all pumped? I was so excited but didn't really get the chance to take a lot of photos. So instead I played with my gallery a bit.

My first official instagram photo is of the wall cloud of one of the tornadoes as it passed over our neighborhood in Far North Dallas/ Addison. Though it doesn't look like much, yesterday I got to see a dramatic display of wind, thunder, lightning and rain. We lucked out and the funnel cloud that passed right over us didn't touch down, though it's rotation was the remnants of the tornado that devastated Arlington. All in all no one was hurt, but over 650 houses damaged from yesterday's outbreak. It was a little unnerving because tornadoes rarely come into the city, let alone multiple tornadoes.

Because of all the weather madness, I didn't have any time to write a proper blog post, so instead here are some instagram photos via my Android 4G phone.

Youn can follow me by searching for the user "Klov3r".

Have a great day everyone! <3


  1. When I got that e-mail about Instagram for Android yesterday, I think I literally squealed at my desk. I'll follow you! I'm 'lostdetective.'

    I've never experienced a tornado - my natural disaster history is just a few mild earthquakes and some monsoon storms in Arizona - but after seeing how they can just *flatten* a town, I think I'll be sticking to the coastal states. ;)

  2. I'm following you now too! :D

    I've never experienced a monsoon or an earthquake and maybe that's a good thing. I'm probably more afraid of earthquakes than I am tornadoes!

    I was totally doing a celebratory dance when I heard about Instagram!

  3. I was a little late on joining the instagram bandwagon too - however, I have now converted and I'm already in the habit of instagramming almost everything!
    Shame a tornado hit but glad to read your latest posts in the knowledge you're ok!
    Visiting from Amy Morby's blog!
    Pleased to meet a fellow gamer ;)
    I'll follow you on instagram too if that's ok :)