a Month of Minvera


Gosh, it's been almost 5 weeks since we first got Minerva. She was so tiny, we could hold her in one hand. But boy, what a month this has been. Full of many ups and plenty of downs.

Whenever I read my book, she always has to join me. Such a sleepy kitty.

The Good:
We love this little kitten. She's gotten the nickname Derpina because she can be all sorts of stupid. But she's amazing and we love every moment with her.

She's super talkative and superrrr playful. Everything is a toy, including Linus' tail. Hers as well. She chases it quote often. She's almost tripled her size and weight since we've gotten her and is about to hit another growth spurt again soon. Her kitten down is completely gone and she had her first bath earlier this week! She's on an all stages grain-free food, the same stuff we feed Linus. She also got her first kill (a spider, yay!!) and has been "hunting" ever since.

The Bad & The Ugly.
Minerva came home with many shelter diseases and it is with this that I warn potential cat owners - to always always always take the cat directly to a vet after adopting it. Even if you get them from a pet store foster like we did. Minerva had highly contagious infections that can sometimes take days and weeks to manifest and can last a while even with treatment.

By day 3 of us having her, we were rushing to the emergency vet at midnight because she was having trouble breathing. $150 later we left with some antibotics and a pamphlet on Upper Respiratory Infection.

Within a week Linus was sick too and at the recommendation of the emergency vet, we took him to a real vet. Again another $150 later we left with a bunch of tests done and a pamphlet on Feline Herpes.

Medication to get them both well was costing us a fortune. Just as we hit week 2 and things were looking like they were done and over with... Minerva developed ringworm. Just like that!! Just... like.. that - we had to throw a couple hundred more dollars at the problem. Ringworm medication is expensive. About $120 expensive. And then the test wasn't much cheaper. We had to take Linus in for one too. All in all, over $1000 has been spent on the cats this past month and another $70 is about to be spent on Linus for shots. It's not all her fault and we don't blame her. But that money was intended for our honeymoon which we can no longer afford and that in itself is heartbreaking.

A lesson learned for cat owners. That sometimes you can't predict what will happen when you bring home a new cat. We've been so fortunate that both Linus and Minerva are getting along well and playing often together. They shared food and litter boxes without a problem (though much to our dismay). We've seen a great improvement on Linus' happiness because he has someone else to play with when we're not home. We also took a two day trip and Linus didn't have an attitude when we got back! Yay!!

Mini had her first bath of many this week, to help get rid of the ringworm.
Bathing a cat is hard. Drying them off is even harder. 
Chillin' in daddy's chair while he's at work.

Sleeping right under my face during our afternoon cuddle-n-watch-tv time.

She loves to eat out of Linus' bowl and vice versa.

Playing space cat in one of my spare computer cases. It's her favorite spot to hide.

I love this kitten so freaking much.

<3 Stephanie


  1. D'awww... reminds me of our Spatula!

  2. Oh, Steph! If I had known you were fighting off ringworm, I could have given you the Encyclopedia Kittanica on it! We had a pretty bad strain for 2 months when Tenny came home, even after quarantine. I also have leftover anti-ringworm shampoo and a few tubes of Lotramin Ringworm stockpiled somewhere in my bathroom - totally would have brought it over. Glad the two of them are on the mend now. Good on you and Jer for black cats -- they don't get adopted as quickly as others. Min looks darling.

    1. I appreciate it, but we got a free refill from a friend yesterday!! We lucked out as a friend of the family gave us more shampoo and Miconazole lotion for free. We were running low and wouldn't make it through the 4-6 weeks of required treatment without it.

      I think the hardest part about this has been the constant trips to the vet. Each time we go it's a $50 exam fee. And most of the tests cost anywhere from $35-$80. Her most expensive medicine was the Miconazole lotion at $76 a bottle. Both their antibitotics ran us $50 a piece.

      And yeah - we love black cats!! Ever since I was a child, I've wanted one and I can't believe that people don't adopt them as much because of superstitious reasons.

  3. Vet bills can run up quick for those owners who really want to make sure their animals are okay. Caring for your kitties obviously come first for you and your man, putting your honeymoon on second.

    Which reminds me, have you ever thought about http://www.honeyfund.com/ where friends and family can put money toward your honeymoon? It's just a thought. Check into it. :]