Pottermore Fun


Yesterday I finally jumped on the Pottermore bandwagon. Jeremy has been playing it for a few days now and I finally had enough time to sit down and play briefly. I love it! It's nothing too special, but enough to keep your inner child entertained.

For those of you who don't know, Pottermore is an only game you play in your browser. You sign up, read through the story and interact with the pages. Collect items, learn spells, brew potions and can even duel other members in other houses. So far only the first book of the series is out, but the next is said to be out "soon".

To join a house, the sorting hat askes you a bunch of questions. I thought I answered nobally and nicely - but I was still put in Slitherin! Apparently those who like the color green and honor wisdom get placed with the snakes. Jeremy and EEF are in Slytherin too!

I used this fancy doll maker from Deviantart to create our would-be avatars if we were actually in Slytherin. Pottermore doesn't have an avatar creater yet, but they promise to be adding more things soon. I hope this becomes one of them. :3 If you make your own avatar, take a screen shot and post it here for me to see!

Add me on Pottermore! My username is HazelEye23623.
I'm still a total noob, but that doesn't mean we cant be friends. ;D


<3 Stephanie


  1. My friend in Australia asked me to join - so I did but I don't know what to do next - clearly I don't get it like she does lol.

    Then again I'm not even sure I'll remember my username - why couldn't it be something simple. I remember it's WolfHallow but other than that I have no idea lol.

    1. Check your email if you forget your login. That's what I had to do at first until I finally memorized it. lol

  2. Thank you for posting this, I've been checking every week or so for the game to go online (it should have been online in october... :p) and now it finally is and I forgot about it :D So I registered immediately and I've added you :)

    1. Wonderful!! Glad I could help :D

    2. I still don't see your friend request. Make sure you spelled it right. It's HazelEye23623 :)