Amazing Gifts & Stupid Dancing


Shoutout to all my Bronies and Pegasisters! *Hoof* 

I got a super adorable gift from Reddit this week. If you remember, I sent out my gift to my SS in Germany. Well it seems that mine was international as well. It came all the way from the UK! A package full of handmade parasprites from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You can check out the rest of my awesome gift here.

SO CUTE! ahhhhhh. <3

If you're unfamiliar with MLP:FIM or the parasprites, here's a clip from the episode. They're like tribbles in that they multiply and destroy everything. Poor Ponyville... :(

- - - - - 

Any who, we're off to Dallas Comic Con! Since our group has a booth, Jeremy and I are going tonight to set things up, hunker down in a hotel near the center and wake up early to dress up and nerd out. I can't wait to share all the exciting things with you next week!!

Here's a 1-minute clip of me dancing in my Star Trek uniform. Enjoy!

<3 Stephanie


  1. Post lots of pictures - I really really really want to go to Comic Con one day!

    1. Me too, like the reaallly really big ones (San Diego & Chicago). Jer and I are going to try to make it to Austin Comic Con. It's thrown by the same people and there are some amazing guests this year. :3

      My "meet 10 celebs" is going to be checked off my list in no time!! ^_^

  2. Oh my gosh!!! SO JEALOUS!!! I love MLP:FiM. <3333 Also, your Star Trek uniform is so cool. :D

    1. Thanks!! That just made you 20% cooler. ;D <3

  3. WAIT A MINUTE. Hold on a second. WHY IS IT that Summer Glau gets the biggest showcase photo on that banner and not SIR PATRICK F'ING STEWART?? Oi... that makes my heart hurt a little. I mean, she was great in that Terminator TV show (which yes, I watched the first season of and rather enjoyed) and I know she played a kid in Firefly and is all pretty and stuff... but... it's PATRICK STEWART. :(

    If I met Patrick Stewart, I might cry from joy. Also, George Perez is the reason I read comic books - his run on Wonder Woman from the 80's was my first ever superhero comic.

    Your dancing video is beyond adorable! Great job on the uniform (Engineering FTW)! Have an *awesome* time, and remember: pictures or it didn't happen. ;)

    < / end rant >

    1. She was there because two guests (Including Val Kilmer) backed out and had to cancel last minute and it was announced a few days ago that Summer was going to come in their place!!!

      Also Stan Lee is normally in the big spot, but he will only be there on Saturday now. I met him last year He gave me a hug! ASHDHFJD It was awesome :3

      ALSO - John DeLancie (Q) will be there with Sir Patrick Stewart this weekend. Should make for good times :D