A better view: 2 BAMFs & us


Yup. Totally worth it.

John is absolutely lovely. He really loves his fans and him and Patrick are still good pals. Jeremy got lost in the hotel kitchens and back hallways with John De Lancie for a bit, during which he was making nothing but jokes.

Patrick was kind enough to put on a smile and be gracious the fans, despite the fact that he didn't get a break. He basically hopped on a plane from NYC, landed, came straight to the con to sign autographs and take photos, got 20mins of a QA, signed more autographs and then left to get right back on a plane to NYC. He was originally going to cancel but made the day-trip for the thousands of fans lined up around the building to meet him. Luckily we were his escorts and got to skip the lines. :)

There were a lot more things wrong with how the event was held and it was obvious that the con was oversold many times over. I will probably wait a while before attending another con thrown by this group.

But in the end all that matters is that this picture exists. And that one day my future kids will go,

That I did. :)

<3 Stephanie


  1. Even better, you met an omnipotent god thingy.

  2. Sigh, still terribly jealous! I told Jordan that you got to escort Patrick Stewart around Dallas Comic Con dressed as a Trill in a Starfleet uniform and he kind of lost his shit in jealousy, too. ;)

    Patrick Stewart is so incredibly active for someone his age. I mean, he's no spring chicken but I wouldn't doubt that he's in better health than I am!

    1. Kayla: