The blog is a mess today

Tuesday is now

I went ahead and purchased my new dotcom... and then kinda sorta activated it before I was ready. To match this change, I went ahead and swapped out the header and buttons. I'll be completing the rest of the overhaul throughout the week.

- - - 

I'm currently looking for new people to swap buttons with!! If you're interested in a button swap, send me an email to steph.nabo{at}gmail{dot}com with a link to your blog and button. My new button dimensions are 185 x 90 pixels.

And finally, I also want to thank everyone for sticking around during this funk. I realize I haven't been around a whole lot lately. And it may be like this for just a little bit longer. Some personal family matters have come up and I'm not sure what will happen, as we're playing it all by ear. To combat this, I went ahead and wrote most of this weeks post ahead of time. So please, bear with me. And thanks for all your support. <3

Here's to something new!
<3 Stephanie


  1. When I finally get my blog in some sort of commission, I'll swap ya. :)


  2. Loving the update so far! Is that the Enterprise D by your feet? ;)

    1. Why yes it is!!!! Too many details in the E ;P