What I've been drawing #2


Hey guys, remember that Chibi giveaway I did a while back? I thought it'd be fun to show you the results. I swear I redid Kayla's like 10 times. I suppose I just wanted it to be perfect, because I think she's just the bees knees. :3

I'll definitely be doing another art giveaway in the future. Our wedding invitations are going out this week (finally) and I have a tiny bit of downtime until things pick back up in June.

I'll also be opening art commissions up briefly, so stay tuned for that update as well. <3

I recently took park in the r/mylittlepony gift exchange on Reddit Gifts. My giftee was a guy from Germany.  I learned the hard way that maybe I should stop doing these, as international shipping is very expensive. x_x

My giftee drawn as a Brony ; My take on the MLP coat of arms for Reddit.

Another cool thing is that I posted coat-of-arms on Reddit and the mods for the r/mylittlepony subreddit loved it! So much so that they made it the header over the weekend. I felt pretty honored. 

It feels good to be back into the artsy mood. *cuddles my Wacom tablet* I shall never neglect you again!

<3 Stephanie

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  1. Fun fact: I was doing that "look into phone to avoid eye contact with strangers on the street" thing this morning... I was reading this post and said, out loud and definitely louder than intended, "AWW!" I looked up and some dude on a bike was giving me the weirdest look.

    But I ain't ashamed. Take *that,* bike guy. Thanks again for the portrait! It is seriously the coolest thing ever! :)

    - Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com