Disney's BRAVE: Bringin' it back!!


Midnight showings of movies are something I love to take part it. I've been first in line for Avengers, Prometheus and now Brave this summer. And So far, I haven't been let down. While many critics are saying that Brave doesn't live up to the hype with it's average reviews, I say nay to them. Brave brought back something I haven't seen in a long time for a kids movie. A lot of high-brow comedy, something I haven't enjoyed since American Tail & Labyrinth.

**** SPOLIERS ****

Do not read past until you have seen this movie!

**** SPOLIERS ****

**** SPOLIERS ****

**** SPOLIERS ****

A comment we read on Reddit said it best, "Any movie that Pixar makes that isn't as good as Toy Story 3 instantly get's bad reviews". And I agree. Brave might not have had the budget that TS3 did, but it was definitely worth the $12 spent to go see it theaters.

Brave is a wonderful example of what we should be teaching our girls, especially the 7+ group who need to know that there's more to life than fairy tales and happenstances where other people fix your problems for you. Only you can change your fate, even if you have to make mistakes along the way. The plot mirrored close to Mulan's story, in that she has to fight against what is expected of women and tradition. Girls can be like boys too. And I love that she didn't have to get married at the end. The happily ever after was Merida being happy with her family. There was no Prince Charming. Brave is also one of the first times in which Disney hasn't done up a princess up with flawless hair and make-up at some point during the movie. Merida is beautiful because of her personality and confidence. Pixar glorifies her messy hair and lack of being a proper lady. I love it. Though some might argue that the focus on Mother/Daughter relationship is too close to Finding Nemo, I disagree. Anyone with a mom would realize it's about real life situations we all go through with our parents (and moms with their daughters). If it wasn't 2am when we got out of the theater I would've called my mom up and told her how much I love her. This wedding business has had us at each other's throats a bit lately.

Also - HOLY BOOBS BATMAN, I cannot thank Pixar enough for breaking the helicopter parent barrier and making it ok to laugh at butt jokes again. Also, those boobs. I swear I saw them jiggle a couple of times. Were there closeups? I was too mesmerized by their charm to be for certain. Conservatives beware, there is a lot of "butt shots" in this movie. Like, a ridiculous amount of ass. Jeremy, myself and the rest of the crowd damn near peed our pants at the scene when all the men hoisted themselves down from the tower. No one was expecting it.

My only cons about the movie was seeing it in 3D. It's entirely possible that our theater didn't have it calibrated correctly for 3D today, because for many of the scenes (like while Merida rides on her horse or the camera sweeps over a wide area) it was just too hard to see and impossible to focus on. There are also many scenes that took place in the dark or in low-light conditions. With the dark glasses on became harder to see. So my personal opinion was that I would've rather seen it in 2D.


Anyway, I'm sure my review isn't as professional sounding as I'd like it to be. It's almost 3am and I'm coming down from an over-priced-movie-soda sugar high. Or maybe it's just my excitement that Brave was what I expected -- Something different. Something wonderful. Something for girls of all ages to live get excited about. And a movie plot with a great story to tell.

Have you seen BRAVE yet? 
What are your thoughts?

Please COPY/PASTE " **** SPOILERS ***** " before your comment if you're sharing something that happened in the movie as a courtesy to others. :)

<3 Stephanie

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