Mini Collections: Star Wars


I know 4pm is kind of late in the day, but I'm way too impatient to wait until tomorrow to post this. Star Wars is AWESOME. And I really wanted to show Amy my stuff. <3

Woo! Star Wars!!

Here in our house, we're pretty big on Sci-Fi movies, shows and books. To share with you all my collections, I thought I'd start with some of the Star Wars around the house. I would've posted more, but you'd be scrolling forever... D:

Some things to know about me & Star Wars:
  • I collect AT-ATs.
  • I also collect Biker Scouts.
  • After we get married, I will be working on getting into the 501st.
  • Hoth is my favorite planet.
  • The Cantina Band music is my morning alarm along with the BSG intro.
  • Return of the Jedi is my favorite of the movies.
  • I cried when I met Dave Prowse. I had been trying to get his autograph for years. He's very old and very sick, so I was afraid he's die before I ever got the chance to meet him.
  • My MECO Star Wars album is one of my most prized possessions. I found it at a Good Will for $3.

STAR WARS IS THE REASON IM GETTING MARRIED. The day I met Jeremy for the first time, he was wearing his Admiral Ackbar "It's a Trap!" shirt from Shirt.Woot. If it wasn't for that shirt, we probably wouldn't be getting married in 2 weeks. 

The shirt is making an appearance on our wedding cake topper.

And last but surely not least....

You can listen to the entire A side of this album here.

- - - - - 

Here's also a few of my favorite Star Wars shirts that I've collected over the years. Sadly, the Shirt.Woot shirts are no longer available unless you get them used.


The Ackbar shirt below is the reason I started talking to Jeremy.
We're getting married next month. <3

2) Shirt. Woot (No Longer Available).
3) Purchased from TEEFURY. Available at Red Bubble
4) My friend picked it up for me while in England. Available here.

Are you guys big into Star Wars at all?
What else do you like to collect?

<3 Stephanie


  1. I'll admit, I'm not as huge into Star Wars as I probably should be, but I did make my own Jedi outfit along with my best friend in high school to go see one of the movies in the theater... she told one of the kids in line with us, who was SUPER excited to see "real Jedi!", that I was her padawan. :)

    Your collection is awesome! And so are your aspirations to join the 501st. Maybe I'll see you at a Con one day! Or, well, you'd see me, I'd have no way of knowing who you were.

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    2. Haha what a cute story!! I totally thought the people dressed as superheroes at cons were the real deal when I was a kid.You and your friend are awesome.

      We've always wanted to visit the Pacific Coast!

      (edit: My phone totally wrote Pacific Northwest and I meant to say Pacific Coast. *FIXED* lol)

  2. Awesome collection!
    I don't really collect much of anything--I have a weird thing about collecting stuff. I think I'm a closet minimalist. I like looking at your collection though!

    I also had a Jedi costume when the new movies came out! My friends and I all dressed up! (we also dressed as elves for LotR) I think I might still have it somewhere at my mom's house, I should see if it still fits! lol

  3. I am so envious of your collection xD I had a Lego X-Wing fighter that I cherished, but it has magically disappeared...

    1. Sometimes our things magically disappear. I occasionally find them in my kitten's hoarding spots. If not, perhaps you have nargles! We should look into remedying them as soon as possible!

  4. Return of the Jedi is my favorite as well!!!!!!!!!! I've stopped telling people my favorite because I get made fun of. They crack jokes on the Ewok's. I'm supremely jealous of your Star Wars collection. I really love your use of the AT-AT as a book corral.

    Good luck with your adventures into the 501st! I hope you'll share the progress with us!!

    (On an awkward nerd note: my boyfriend and I raced down to Charlotte last Sunday for Heroes Con to meet Stan Lee, and I talked about your blog with him.)

    <3 KAT

    1. Aw, that's totally sweet! My fiance and I talk about some bloggers too. Also, isn't Stan Lee the best? He has so much love for his fans. :D

  5. LOVE Star Wars!!
    I also think you are so clever for using your AT AT as a little book stand/holder. Those shirts are too cool. I have one from Threadless where it is Chewbacca, but it looks like he is Bigfoot.