The perfect music for an alternative wedding


With less than 30 days until my wedding, Jer and I finally picked the music we want to play during our ceremony. All of the songs are covers by The Vitamin String Quartet! And they're so amazing. I practically cried when I found out they did a Summertime Rolls cover, which is Jeremy & I's song. It is also the song I will be walking down the aisle to.

Vitamin String Quartet, sometimes referred to as "VSQ" or "The String Quartet" is a group of rotating musicians who put a classical twist on modern music. From pop, to rock, to punk and even indie. The group has released over 300 albums and that list is still growing! They've even covered Skrillex.

Jeremy and I have what we like to call an "alternative wedding". We threw the frills and glitter out the window and opted for a geek chic wedding. Our music for the party mostly consists of 80s and 90s alternative hits, with a hint of New Wave. Maybeeee a Deadmau5 song here and there. That's just our style.

Our ceremony play-list:

1. Stephanie's Grandma + Our two moms:
Coldplay - Clocks

2. Brides Maids + Groomsmen & the Flower Girls:
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

3. The Bride (me) Walks down the aisle:
Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls

4. To play us out:
Journey - Don't Stop Believing.

I only have a few minor complaints about VSQ. There were some songs that we really wanted to like, but just couldn't get into. The added background music (percussion and synthesizers) made the tracks sounds cheap. More like a karaoke track and less like something you'd love to hear at a wedding.

The other problem is searching through their music. You have to search many of their songs by the song or album name in order to find it on Amazon or iTunes. With over 300 albums, it's quite overwhelming. There is a partial song list on Wikipedia, but it's not up-to-date. Two days of searching and I'm still discovering new albums and singles. 

To aid in your search, here are some of the albums and tracks we considered while searching for our wedding ceremony music:

     Perfect albums for your Wedding:

I'm absolutely in love with our playlist and can't wait! Our wedding is less than a month away! Ack. So much to do and so little time left. <3

Do you guys have any favorite music 
that you've heard or would love 
to hear at a wedding?

<3 Stephanie

P.S. Thanks for all the warm wishes and comments in regards to my gall bladder removal surgery. I had some minor complications over the weekend, but I'm doing much better today. I took today off work just to be on the safe side. Jeremy and I have a baked Falafel recipe to try out this week. If it's any good, I'll be sure to share it!


  1. We used an Underoath string quartet tribute for our bridesmaids walking down the aisle :)

  2. If we hadn't have had someone playing piano at the wedding, I definitely would have used VSQ. I absolutely love them, especially their Coldplay stuff!

  3. I love Vitamin String Quartet! My sister used their covers for her wedding ceremony, and it was beautiful. Your song choices are perfect. For our wedding, we used regular songs: Phil Collins - Follow You, Follow Me; Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line; The Beatles - In My Life; and The Association - Never My Love. I think using VSQ or real songs is better than the generic "here comes the bride" thing.

    For the reception, play lots of dance music and keep the party going. Sooooo fun! I'm glad you're recovering from your surgery.

  4. Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" playing you out? PERFECT.