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I want to start this off stating that it is not my intention to make this a "FEMALE GAMERS ARE AWESOME. FEAR ME!" type post. It's more like a standing ovation for this woman and my appreciation that Reddit got this to the front page. Not that I'm surprised.

This picture is stupid. Both are gamers. This first is just an attention whore, which exists in every clique

Aisha Tyler got the privilege to present Ubisoft's press conference at E3. And gamers across the internet flamed her to no end, calling her out. Stating that she wasn't a real gamer. What does that even mean anyway? She responded with this amazing letter:

For those of you who aren't big into video gaming, it's pretty well known that there is drama in the politics of having a vagina and playing games. I'm ashamed to admit that I've taken part myself many times. Bashing other girls simply because I had a vagina and was intimidated by their beauty. Stating that I was better because I did more, knew more or simply was "one of the guys". I did it to make myself feel better. That because she was prettier, I was somehow less of a woman.

But in my life I've gone to many tournaments, video game expos and met so many wonderful people in the video game industry (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! <3 ). I've also gotten the chance to meet so many lovely women in many shapes, sizes, skill levels, levels of passion for the game and level of warship for anything and everything video games. And some of these people still annoy me. We can't all like and be loved by everyone! And sadly, because of the drama noted above, many undergo the same harassment and the same prejudice.

The official Quakecon Girls 2010. Skills and passions varied from casual to extremely competitive.
Over 1000 girls attend Quakecon each year.
Girls can be gamers. Any girl. Any skill. They don't have to be obsessive. They don't have to act like the guys or even try and be one of them. Sure, sometimes you might find it annoying. But that doesn't make them any less of a gamer. Sitting at home and playing on easy mode. Viva Pinata & Katamari. Kicking your butt 19 to -2 at Quake, making you rage quit (I love you Jeremy). Or acting as a booth babe, hired to show off a game they spent weeks trying to master (like my Quakecon girls above). Video games are a form of entertainment. Like watching television or riding a bike. There's nothing in our vagina's that can prevent us from clicking a mouse or pressing X on a controller. Girls and Guys alike need to get over it.

For those interested  I play Quake, Minecraft & Counter-Strike on the PC. 

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a pyramid to help Jeremy complete in Minecraft.
<3 Stephanie


  1. Beautiful entry by a beautiful lady, you keep it up, Steph! I enjoyed Aisha's letter as well, she told it like it is.

    1. Thanks!! It feels good to write about video games. I miss our blogging days. <3

  2. People still play quake? =P

    I'm not much of a gamer, but I appreciate the letter and wonder why people care so much about girls playing video games.

    Also, my button on your sidebar looks all distorted and pixely, can I send you a new one? Not sure what happened to it!

    1. Yeah, go for it!! I think those dimensions are 200w x 100h?

      And yes, people still play Quake. Quakelive mostly, though there's still people who will boot up Quake 3 Arena for fun. Like me! xD

  3. I watched the Ubisoft conference and I thought she was AWESOME. Definitely the most interesting presenter of them all. I totally agree with both you and Aisha! I'm tired of playing video games and having guys be surprised. We are entirely capable! Ugh. So annoying.

    1. I've got a link to her conference and plan to watch it this weekend. I usually skip over E3, only because I don't usually pick up new titles these days.

  4. Do girls really get it that bad (besides the standard shit-talking that comes along with playing these games)? I'm a girl gamer on the casual yet passionate level (sans my World of Warcraft days), but everyone was always really nice to me, guys and girls alike. Perhaps I just won them over with my wit and charm? :p I guess I'm lucky that I've always been treated like a lady (okay, maybe 'lady' is a stretch) in my video gaming days...except for when I beat Justin at Mario Kart! Hah!

    I definitely operated gender-incognito in my early days of online gaming (CS, CS:S, CoD), but it was hard to hide my femalism over Vent once I became a serious WoW player! Though always being on the top of the chart in damage during end game raids probably shut them up. ;) But seriously, what ever happened to treat others how you want to be treated? I think guys are just intimidated by us, it's true! And the only reason girl gamers cut each other down is to stay on top because let's face it, video gaming is a boys club! But look out boys, we're coming for YOU! ;)

    1. Heather, when you get in town, I challenge you to some Mario Kart!

    2. Girls get it bad in many FPS communities. If it's not a bunch of dudes flaming them, it's sometimes times a bunch of white-knighters which IMO can often be just as annoying.

      The best thing I've found to do is game with friends or so server jumping. I usually just pick on myself about being a girl and the guys will usually drop it quick. There's always that asshole in game. And always a different way to deal with them. In the end, my strategies are to either not really say much, or if I do, I joke about my staying in the kitchen and whether or not they like bacon on their sandwich. It usually stops their jokes. heh.

  5. This circulated around Reddit once that "gamer girl" meme got popular:

    (One time a guy got so upset that I slayed him at Halo a few years back that he sent me a message saying "You sound fat!" ... How does that work?)

    At any rate, thank you for this post. And thanks to Aisha for not rolling over and taking the shit that's shoveled out to us gaming females ("girl gamers" is such a stupid term, no one refers to them as "girl doctors" or "girl poets" or "girl chefs"). I say I'm a gamer, and more often than not the response is, if coming from a guy, condescending... and if it's a girl who doesn't play, I get sheer confusion and a lot of those faces that you know mean "ew."

    Aisha Tyler rocks so hard. The more women who stand up and shamelessly announce that they play video games, and/or they read comic books, and/or any of those things that are not just considered nerdy but guys-only, the better off we all are. But we're making progress!

  6. I love how she ended her letter. :-) Very WP!
    Some of my closest friends are those who I play video games with, and even though the majority of us are now starting families and buying our first homes, we still make an effort to meet up twice a year for shits and giggles. I spent a good five+ years playing CS:S with the majority of them most nights, which could lead up to 20+ hours depending on if we had ED matches or not. Other times we would be running around like idiots on TF2 and WoW.
    It's hard not to become so close to people when you spend so many hours with them on a daily basis!
    I used to get quite a lot of gip when I first started competing at Multiplay's i-series, because I was a girl, but as the years went on, more and more girls came out of the woodwork and I eventually joined an all fem team.
    In the UK it's still a bit of a taboo for you to play video games...especially FPS ('oh i thought you would be in to like nintendogs or summat' - 'stfu you fool') I find it's 'a bit' more acceptable in the states.
    But either way it really shouldn't matter, whether you are a man or a woman, and I agree with everything you said!

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