Wedding Crafts: Update!


I've gotten so much wedding stuff done, mostly done and in the works these last few days. It's crazy. With the wedding being only just weeks, not months away I suppose I really am best when working last minute.

Speaking of last-minute. I'm currently in the works with a printer at getting Hand Fan Programs made. They're super cute. I can't wait to share them with you. Just waiting on a handful of things to be finalized.

Stay tuned for a ton of craft posts from my wedding. I'm also super excited because my Maid of Honor comes into town today! (She's been finishing up college in London) and another one of my other bridesmaids comes back into town at the end of this month (She was in Ireland for work for 3 months). I need their help with a bunch of our crafts, so between now and the wedding expect many posts on DIY Wedding crafts, Tutorials, Print-outs and more!

<3 Stephanie


  1. Steph, it sounds you got this totally under control! Your wedding is going to be awesome. Let me know if you need a minion to do your bidding. :)

  2. Oh I just might! I may need minions to help me wrap PEZ dispensers soon.