Awesome Wedding Gift


Hey everyone, how was your weekend? 
Mine was packed full of last-minute wedding stuffs. I also got a present!

Kayla, my blogging bestie, sent Jeremy and I an awesome wedding gift!! We unwrapped it this weekend and Jeremy couldn't be any happier!! I mean seriously, look at that face! He insisted he get to wear his Star Trek uniform for the photo. :)

Kayla posted about an awesome bookshelf she curbed last month. Her fiance filled it with nerdy fan-art prints and Jeremy was drooling over this one. It features Captain Picard in his many forms while on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Thanks for gifting us our very own copy!
We shall hang it in our nerd dungeon with pride! <3

= = = = = =

Speaking of TNG, have any of you comic-loving peeps been keeping up with IDW's recent Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover series?  

Assimilation² is an 8-part mini series featuring Doctor Who, Captain Picard, Cybermen and the Borg. The story is great, the characters well written and the illustration is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention to cover art alone is worthy of being turned into a poster. Interested? The first 2 issues are currently out with the third to be released later this month. Check your local comic book shop for listings.

The Walking Dead #100 comes out Wednesday. Roxy from Grrfeisty has been reading the comic. I can't wait for her to finish so I can talk zombies. Rumor has it that Daryl will make an appearance in this next issue. <3

= = = = = 

Less than a week until our wedding. eeeeeeeeeeee!!
<3 Stephanie


  1. Yay! I can't wait to get back to Houston so I can continue reading walking dead! Very addicting. And not as scary (so far) in b&w.

    1. I find that it's always more disturbing than scary, but I feel that they really tackle realistic scenarios.

      So between The Walking Dead, World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide I should be set to go in case of zombie apocalypse!

  2. Doctor Who cross over with Star Trek TNG that is flipping awesome! I am going to have to get those - I wonder if my local Comic Store will get them/gets them. Will have to find out about that.

    I watched most of season two of Body of Proof this week and still half expect Jeri Ryan to come out with something Borg related instead of BOP related lol.

    1. I love Body of Proof. The episode where Robert Picardo guest starred was so wonderful. He's such a talented actor. And both talented singers!! <3 Voyager.

  3. Ahh, yay, it made it! :D Jeremy looks ELATED (and I love that he insisted on the uniform)!! I'm so glad you guys love it. :]

    (PS being called your "blogging bestie" kinda made me giggle like an idiot down at my phone while I was waiting for a train this morning. The sentiment is shared!)

    1. Aw, thanks! We're both totally stoked and can't wait to hang it up. BBF -- Blogging Besties Forever? lol <3

    2. Haha, yes, absolutely BBFs!!! <3 Heads up, Jordan caught wind of that uniform Jeremy's wearing and is now considering one for himself... and one for each of his groomsmen. There may be some post-wedding brain picking coming your way!

  4. This is pretty wonderful. I'm glad I brought in that cabinet and nerded it up.