Engagement Photos


I'll try and keep this post short and sweet as I realize this is A LOT of photos for a single blog post. Last weekend Jeremy and I took our engagement shoot with our wedding photographer.


The sun was in our eyes. We're not used to going 
His favorite thing to yell at us was to "ALMOST KISS!!" so that's my excuse for the abundance of kissy photos. hehe. 

If any of you DFW locals are curious, the photos were taken in Deep Ellum Station, Barcadia Dallas & White Rock Lake. Our Photographer is Harry Photo.

Picking a Photographer Protip:Harry was the #1 reccomended photographer from our venue. Many of our vendors and even our wedding planner have worked with him many times and all had great things to say. For us, finding a photographer who is familiar with our venue was vital, as the lighting inside is awkward. Oh yeah, and I loved all of his photos.

1 more week until the big day!! 
 <3 Stephanie


  1. Ahh, those are *incredible!* Harry did a kickass job. The skee-ball one made me laugh out loud... I'm kind of a nut about skee-ball. :]

    One week! That's SO SOOOOOON! Just in case this next week is nothing but hectic planning and crazy chaos and you don't get to touch a computer, I hope your wedding is everything you want it to be and then some. The best of luck and the warmest of wishes to you and Jeremy. <3

  2. Congrats and best of luck as you finished up all the details for your wedding. How exciting that it's so close now. I love your photos. Happy Wedding Day! :)

  3. These are AMAZING...love them all and I'm super jealous of yours in comparison to mine! So excited for you!