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[The South Downs] Before I had ever known I'd fall in love and move to the UK, my heart yearned for England. When I let go of the hold ups I experienced as an expat, once I adjusted and removed the rose colored glasses of nostalgia for my home in the US I was finally able to feed part of my soul that cried out for these rolling green hills and neolithic remnants long before I could ever have assigned a name to the desire. 

This is England.


It's here, amongst grass greener than green, that I think and find myself.


 Here I walk along narrow country roads, the only person for miles.


 Here that I wonder what is just over the horizon.


 Here that I watch the paragliders at sunset.


Here that I stare in wonder at how I have never seen such beauty, smelled air so fresh and clean, and been woken to the melodic cries of seagulls in the early morning.


Brighton is my town. No where else in the world would you find such an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life, all enjoying living life by the sea.


 Here, where you'll find planted amongst the staunch regency architecture the most surprisingly out of place oriental palace, built for a prince hundreds of years ago.


Here, where the flags and feather boas of Kemp Town give rise to the bohemian cobblestone streets of the Laines. Where you'll find intriguing pubs with curious names, a pint with a friend, and perhaps take up the odd looking fellow in the top hat on the local ghost walk tour. Brighton is the type of place where dressing up like a zombie and naked bike riding are both annual events, and no one ever looks twice just because someone is walking through the center of town in a full-on batman costume. From comedy clubs to jazz venues to the artistic community and countless galleries, I am proud to say I live in Britain's hippest city, enjoying the late summer sunset and a glass of Pimms seaside with friends. 

This is England.
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Nicky is such an amazing photographer and great friend. We met years ago online as gamers and I got to experience her life and emotions as she made the transition of moving to England to marry her now husband and watch as they grew into a lovely family of three. Thanks for sharing the lovely view of the English south. I hope to visit her one day! :)

My normal posting schedule will resume on Monday. We're on our honeymoon until Sunday.
<3 Stephanie

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