Thrifty Finds: Pulp & Buffy


Last night I gave Jeremy his wedding presents early. I stopped by Movie Trading Company to pick up a movie for myself and left with more than I was expecting. Among them was a copy of Pulp's Different Class album. Jeremy's been borrowing a friend's copy and we really need to give it back to her.
My favorite song from the album:

And what's even more lucky about it, the CD case had two copies of the album stuffed inside, both had never been played! We think someone might've though this was the 2006 version and stuffed an extra disc in there but it's definitely two mint copies of the 1995 version. I checked thoroughly SCORE! BOGO Pulp for me!!!

Jeremy was mostly excited for the Season One set of Buffy I got him. He owned all of Buffy and Angel, and someone borrowed Buffy from him 2 years ago and never returned it. I also got him a Pokemon Trainer VHS for laughs. Jeremy is such a cheap date and easy to shop for. I got all three for under $15. Hooray for used media stores!!

= = = = = =

Just a few more days until the wedding! My hands are bleeding from the last minute crafts, my face broke out in acne (OH NOES, HALP!) & I've been recruiting friends left and right to help me get stuff done.

Wish me luck! 
<3 Stephanie


  1. The best part was when we went downstairs to make supper, and I just randomly hugged her, gave her a kiss on the neck, and softly whispered "Thank you so much for Buffy..." into her ear.

    Then I stopped for a second, and said "Ya know, this is probably exactly what I'm going to do if I ever meet Joss Whedon".

    She thought his reaction would be slightly different than hers was :p