Why you shouldn't drink and drive...


How was everyone's Holiday?

Jeremy and I played it low-key and hung out with some friends. We grilled burgers and hot dogs and chilled out by the pool. Watched Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and was welcomed by a nice surprise at 2am in the morning. Apparently some dude (most likely drunk according to the Fire Dept.) drove through the neighborhood barricade with his car and got it stuck on the guardrail that divides our cul-de-sac and the one on the other side of the bushes.

I couldn't take a pic of the car wreck, but it left some pretty hefty damage and it probably totaled the vehicle. Had the guardrail not been there, both my neighbor's car and mine would've been totaled. Luckily my car is fine and nobody was seriously injured.

What did you do for the 4th of July?

<3 Stephanie

P.S. -- Our engagement photos came in and I'm super excited to get to share some of our favorites with you. I'll be posting them later today.

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  1. Oh jeez, I'm so glad no one was seriously hurt! A good friend of mine died in a car accident last year due to a drunk driver, so I do everything I can to stay off the roads during big "drinking holidays" and encourage my loved ones to do the same, if they can help it... or at least be hyper-aware!

    Probably a good idea for any day of the year, that level of awareness.

    My 4th was pretty simple... had a couple of friends over, watched Timerider (what a *terrible* movie!! It was perfect!), made veggie chili dogs and some peanut butter cookies, and played hefty games of Taboo and The Game of Things. Lost a lot of sleep due to neighbors setting off fireworks well into early morning (they must not have had to wake up at 6am like I did). Overall, I'd deem it a success. :]

    Looking forward to the engagement photos!!

    Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com