a very Beatles Christmas


Every year for as long as I can remember, My dad has gone to BeatleFest. My dad is an avid Beatles Memorabilia collector. He has an entire room devoted to his collection and has so many unique finds and items. Don't ask if he has X album, he has them all. When we were younger, he'd give us the fest's merch catalog and tell us to circle what we wanted. He's since stopped this practice but when his catalog came in a few weeks ago, I couldn't help myself. I circles the entire Christmas ornaments section.

Since Jeremy and I have been living together, we purchased a small plastic XMAS tree, but have virtually no ornaments to stick on it. So this year I've been hoarding up Star Wars, Star Trek and now Beatles Ornaments.

You can purchase these ornaments and many more over at The Fest's website. I know I'll be stocking up on more the closer it gets to XMAS!

Are you a Beatles fan? What time of Beatles merch/collectibles do you have in your home?
<3 Stephanie

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