Closet Geek: The Narwhal Bacons


In celebration of my becoming a Guinness World Record holder with Reddit, here's a tribute to Reddit with my new outfit series. Outfit Details:

Narwhal Shirt: - Mod Cloth
Skinny Jeans - Target
Ballet Flats: - Target

Nintendo Messenger Bag - Think Geek
Button Set - Etsy via RoseyCheekes
Poster Print - Etsy via Superclean

As an avid redditor, it's hard to not spend my money. There's even a subreddit (sub-forum) called ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney where people post amazing things. No wonder I'm so broke right now. With the new school year starting for so many people, I couldn't help but put together a back-to-school outfit. Sure I may be done with college for now, but I'd still totally rock this outfit.

But Steph, 
Why does the Narwhal bacon?
Know your meme here.



  1. I... I miss bacon so much... D:

    I used to subscribe to r/ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney but once I saw that incredible wood-carved NCC-1701D coffee table posted there, I had to unsubscribe. The price tag was too high and I was in painful mourning for the following week or so.

    (PS If I were still in school and saw you hanging out in the above, I would be like, "we need to be friends, obviously." Then we would start a badass girl gang and hang out in the quad chewing on candy cigarettes.)

    (... I obviously have no "Kayla maybe leave that part out" filter this morning but that is okay with me.)

  2. **Trekkie Nit Picking Mode... ACTIVATE:**

    The coffee table in question was actually the NCC-1701-C (Ambassador Class Starship, captained by Rachel Garrett). Featured in the episode "Yesterday's Enterprise"

    And yes, I would have taken out whatever kind of loans necessary to buy one for myself as well :P

    1. AW SHIT. You're totally right. I -- okay, I have no idea how I remembered it being the D. I have been officially schooled! Touche good sir!

      I'm just gonna put this out there, if you've got the mad skills to pull off handcrafting a coffee table that looks like a ship from Star Trek, why would you opt for the C? Everyone knows the D is where it's at. Even the E is pretty sweet-lookin'. You can just get crafty around those nacelles for the added support...

      That being said, I still considered selling all my things just to have that in my life. :x

    2. My favorite Enterprise is the Sovereign Class (NCC-1701-E), but my favorite all-time Star Trek ship?

      The muthafuggin' Defiant.

      Why? Because it's BAD ASS!

  3. Love the outfit! I try to stay off of Reddit. I already get too sucked into Facebook and Pinterest.

    1. I only get on during my alluded REDDIT time, which means never before bed, lol. Otherwise I'd never sleep. >.>