I'm a Guinness World Record Holder!!


I'm a Guinness World Record Holder! No joke!

This past winter I partook in the Reddit Secret Santa drive, giving a gift to a secret Santa in California. My box included a ton of autographed Borderlands items via my pals over at Gearbox, toys for his baby niece and some of his favorite candy. I in turn received a small LEGO toy from someone else across the country. I've exchanged with people as far as Spain. It's great and I love partaking. And I never knew I'd become a World Record Holder.

Our certificate is in the mail. We're going to frame it and hang it on the wall. :)

FUN FACT: In 2007 I took part in a world record attempt at a local anime convention for 
"Largest Gathering Of People Dressed As Video Game Characters". Over 300 video game cosplayers attended and signed in. However, due to a technicality that we couldn't all fit on the terrace, the record was tossed out. Later to be set by a group in England.

Reddit Now Holds a Guinness World’s Record!

So exciting! I love being a Redditor. :)
Happy Monday everyone!

<3 Stephanie


  1. Uuugh, that costume thing was BS. There were over 1100 of us, IIRC, including still in the first room and overflowing out into the hall after the fire marshall stopped people from going onto the terrace. Pah.

    1. I know!! We were totally jipped. Stupid fire marshal. >:(

  2. AWESOME!! Congratulations! I've never done a Secret Santa gift swap (via Reddit or otherwise, can you believe that??) but you bet your butt I'm participating this year!

    (PS I may or may not have a Snoo sticker on my car, and by "may or may not" I mean I totally do and it's awesome. Viva la Reddit! ;])

    1. You'll love my post tomorrow. It's also themed to Reddit. :D