Happy New Year! Shona Tova


It's Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year!

A time when we as Jews look back on our life this past year and reflect. Reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly. Rosh Hashana is about deciding the path our life will take, and working towards those goals. But it's also about forgiveness and for reflecting on our sins for the previous year. It's then on Yom Kippur that we repent for those sins by fasting (no food or water) for 24 hours.

 A silly video to welcome in the new year. Like the top comment says, 
I listen to this song every Rosh Hashana."
Rosh Hashana is actually my favorite Jewish Holiday. It's the time of the year when the beautiful sound of the shofar is played world wide. A sound so lovely, that I sometimes cry. We also get to eat boat loads of apples and honey. Yum!!!
Like many, I love to start out my new years with resolutions. 
Here's 5 things I would like to improve on this next year:
1. Go to bed earlier. No more 3am bedtimes.
2. Get more exercise in every day.
3. Get over my fear of the Dentist so I can get my bruxism treated. Yikes, I grind me teeth a lot.
4. Call my friends more.
5. Rely on my parents less. 
Obviously I'm all about improving my health this year.
Which isn't that bad, but it could always be better!

(Happy New Year)

<3 Stephanie
P.S. Number six is definitely "blog more".

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  1. I love your New Year list! (Especially that #6... you're missed around these blog parts!) I'm not Jewish but Jordan is, and while he doesn't practice much, we still wished eachother a happy new year and ate challah with honey. :]