My Walking Dead costume


While it may be 'Talk like a Pirate Day' my costume this year has nothing to do with pirates. Sure, they're fun. But I'm a zombies kind of girl. I've been reading so many books and comics about zombies this year. But The Walking Dead has definitely taken the cake as far as my favorites go.

So this year, for Dallas Fan Days & Halloween, I'll be going as Andrea from The Walking Dead

Color references taken from comic book covers. Andrea is blonde with blue eyes and freckles. I'm deciding whether or not to actually dye my hair for this costume. 
My sketch for the Winnebago part of the costume. It will sit over my shoulders and be made out of cardboard.
Comic references of some of her clothes and outfits.
Clothes & Accessories to complete the look. Tops are from Target, Jeans & belt from JCPENNEY. The hat and gloves can be found at Bass Pro. I'll more than likely make a rifle out of foam and PVC.

While her character on the show isn't a great one, in the comic Andrea is definitely my favorite. She's such a different person and when Rick can't seem to get his feet placed firmly on the ground, Andrea is always right there behind him. She's strong, smart and great with a gun. Her survival instincts are amazing and I find myself relating to her the most.

The costume will be made in two parts. One part being the outfit and the other being the van. The van will be made mostly out of Cardboard and should have working head and break lights. 

Dallas Fan Days is the weekend of October 19th, so my goal is to have everything done by then.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
Aer you making your costume? Or going with something store bought?

<3 Stephanie


  1. My dog Harley is going to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, my 3 year old son is going to be the Joker, I'm going to go as my own version of Catwoman (I'm DJ Kittie, get it!), and my sugah may be Batman, but isn't sure. :D

    1. I'd love to see pictures come Halloween! It sounds like it'll be an awesome opportunity for a family photo! :D

  2. i cannot wait to see the final result! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope not to disappoint! :]

  3. Uhm, that's awesome!!!