What I've been drawing #4


I had a fun night drawing last night.

I stayed up until wicked late drawing anime head shots late-night while on stream. I'm ashamed to admit that I frequent Gaiaonline. I love to go on that site because it has so many people that love and request free art. All I have to do is log on and I've instantly got opportunities to draw. Lately I've been working on improving my coloring skills.

Here's my latest from my Gaia avatar drawing endeavors:

My friends keep telling me to charge for them. I'm think I just might do that soon.

These take me about 45 minutes on average from start to finish. The middle-left one is my favorite. She was so fun to draw. The bottom one is from a few days before. I rushed the ears. And in case anyone is wondering, "AP" is the initials from my Gaia username.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Cute! Gaia sounds like an awesome place to practice your craft. :]

    Also I kind of want that hat from the middle-left, just sans propeller. And by "kind of" I mean "probably going to search the depths of the internet for something very similar and buy it immediately."

    1. And if not, you could totally find one close and craft it to match! :D

  2. These are so, so, SO cute!!! You are an absolutely amazing artist, lady. You def. should charge!!!

    1. Thanks! I've been thinking about it lately. The extra few bucks would be nice. :)