Weekend at the Ballpark


This past weekend Jeremy and I went to a Texas Rangers ballgame with some friends. Although they lost the game, we still had a fun time. 

I packed my own lunch to save us some money, and save my stomach. I treated myself to some Bavarian pretzels I found at the store, grapes & a sandwich.

Jeremy however was determined to finally try the Texas Boomstick, a 24"  $26 hot dog with all the fixings. This thing is insane. Matt & Jeremy devoured the thing. And Jeremy wasn't hungry for the rest of the day, lol

I also brought my own Peanuts. I paid $1.58 for this bag. The bags for the game sell for $5. WOO, SAVING MONEY! We're so lucky that the Arlington Ballpark lets us bring in our own food and soda.

I can't wait for post-season to start. Even if we lose against the A's tomorrow (making it a loss for the series) we will still be going to the play offs. Since Hockey is still on the rocks, I need my sports fix somewhere!

Are any of you into sports?
If so, who are you keeping up with this year?

1 comment:

  1. HOLY TOLEDO, THAT TEXAS BOOMSTICK. I can't even -- there are no words. I think I would die.

    We, uh, we know where I stand on the topic of baseball... while I wasn't born in Oakland, the A's are still my team. *kicks a pebble* I hope we can still be friends. :(

    P.S. you and Jeremy are adorbz. But you knew that already. ;)