10 geektastic throw pillows for your home.


Jeremy and I have slowly been remodeling our place. We've been purging mix-matched furniture leftover from our vagabond days. We're settling down into a new place soon and investing in nicer things to take up the space.

Recently we've been focusing on giving our bedroom a makeover. We bought a really nice comforter set but it's so plain and uninspired. So I jumped onto my favorite website (society6) and picked out my top 10 contenders for our new bedroom throw pillows:

4. Pacman 
6. Astaroids 

I'm so totally in love with all of these. But I suppose if I had to pick my favorites, it'd be #3, #5 and #9.   #10 is definitely going to be bought for our downstairs couch though. And #6 and #3 would be a perfect duo for our bedroom.

Which of these are your favorites? 
Did you find any others you really liked? Share them here!!



  1. Nice! I was just about to start making some of my own for our nerd room using t shirts I no longer wear.

  2. My favorites are #1, #2, #4 (ESP. THIS ONE!), #6, #7 & #10.

  3. Ahh, those are awesome! I want #1, #2 and #3 in my life ASAP.

  4. I want to lick 1, 2, and 8.
    So much slobbering love. Art art art.