My Walking Dead costume


OH MAN!! I was so busy building this costume last month. I was unemployed between labor-day weekend and close to the end of October. So what did I do? Build a costume of course!!

It's no secrete that I love 'The Walking Dead', especially the comic.The guys at the comic store I frequent, put all the Walking Dead stuff for me, even things I haven't asked for. They call me "Stephanie, the Walking Dead Girl". I'm a hardcore fan. ^_^

I wore this bad boy to Dallas Fan Days, Halloween, and my first appearance to a theater screening of The Walking Dead two weeks ago. I won a "zombie" contest since I went as 'Zombie Dale'. It was awesome. :)

I added a last second Dale variant because I could not take my plastic gun into work for our contest, nor the theater. I felt that without the rifle, people wouldn't know I was cosplaying Andrea. Since in the show she doesn't really drive the RV as much as she did in the comic. She's a BAMF in the comics, I promise!

I'll be breaking this into two parts so that I can better go into detail on how it was made.

Jeez, I just love this costume.

Are any of you guys fans of The Walking Dead? Watch the show? 
Read the comics? Think zombies are gross? 
Tell me in the comments below!

<3 Stephanie


  1. Ahh! Your costume is fantastic! I love Walking Dead, though I have yet to venture into the comic itself (but I can't wait to do so!)

  2. My man and his dad are totally into watching The Walking Dead. We're totally hooked on the show and your costumes were awesome!

  3. OMG I remember seeing that icon of you as Dale on facebook and was like "Whoa, who's that dude I don't know a dude like that." So, in other words, your costume (costumes PLURAL!) are awesome.

    Fun Walking Dead fact: The variant cover for issue #50 of Walking Dead, the one with the characters dressed up as superheroes? Totally Jordan's idea. He knows dudes at Image Comics (they're located in Berkeley, CA, and the comic shop that he worked at [RIP] Comic Relief was right down the street) and told the idea to one of his buddies there, who brought it up to Kirkman who was all "YEAH" but then ended up snubbing Jordan by leaving his name out of the thank-yous.

    Which is why we have yet to watch Walking Dead. Super bummer, but I think it'll pass and we'll get to it someday. ;)

    1. How do you think I felt when that picture popped up? I knew she'd worn the Winnebago to work but I expected her to go as Andrea again like she did at the 'Con.

      I saw this picture on my feed and thought "Oh that's funny some guy at her work went as Dale andOHMYGODTHAT'SMYWIFE!?!?!!"

      I then decided to relegate myself to "little spoon" duties.

  4. Awesome! Great costumes!

    We watch the show, I want to read the comics, but don't want to spoil the show (which I know doesn't follow the comics super close, but I assume some major plot points are the same).

    I liked Andrea last season, this season I want to smack her. So dumb. lol