Stuck in my head: Grimes


I've been in a weird funk lately and Grimes has been my inspiration and motivation for getting up and about. She's on my workout playlist, my work playlist and even my ringtone. Yup, I'm obsessed. <3

A fusion between Enya and Fever Ray, she's got such a unique experimental electronic sound. I also feel that she's absolutely adorable. And totally crazy. In an adorable way of course.

Here are my top 3 favorite tunes from Grimes:

^^^ Genesis: My favorite video.
Best to dance to. The above thumbnail is how I discovered Grimes in the first place. It was a related video to a Röyksopp music video I was watching. I'm so glad I clicked it.
* If you'd like to skip the intro and hear the song, fast forward to 1:06.

^^^ Vanessa: Catchy Chorus.
I find myself singing the chorus when I walk around the office. The video is very artistic. She reminds me so much of Lydia from Beetlejuice in this video. You can get the MP3 for free on Amazon here.


^^^ Oblivion: My favorite song.
Like all her music, I find this song so catchy. The video is so funny and possibly not safe for work (for like a split second near the end, there's a man's ass). The lyrics are haunting and about her being attacked alone on a dark night. This is easily my favorite song of hers as well as one of her most popular. If you had to listen to just one of her songs, I'd recommend you listen to this one!


If you like what you hear, I really encourage you to check her out.

See you on a dark night. ;)
- Stephanie

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