My Board Game Collection


Some of my games are missing from the closet because we've been playing them recently.

Hey everyone, just a super quick blog update!! Some of you may have noticed that I've had a new tab up on my navigation bar for the last week.

"my game closet" is a page entirely devoted to all board, card and table top games that we currently own at our house. It also doubles as a FAQ and guide for those of you looking to getting into playing board games.If you've got a moment, take a look around! And if you all have any questions... like EVER! No matter how simple or silly, I'll totally answer them!

I've actually been neglecting my video game collection over the last few months because my friends and I have been devoting all our hang-out time to throwing game nights.You don't have to be a hardcore nerd to be into board games, not into D&D. There are so many levels of games with so many themes.

Do you play board games?
What are some of your favorites?

<3 Stephanie


  1. Ahhhh! Lovely!!! Mark and I have ZERO board games. I wish we had a solid, regular group to play RPGs with, like D&D or that new zombie one I see a lot of people playing. I'm starting to miss that aspect of gaming. That and MTG...

  2. I've been hooked on Small World and Munchkin cards. My youngins love Small World cause it's easy and the outcome is unpredictable every single time. And munchkin is just fun cause its goofy and you can play even when it's not your turn. :)
    I've been picking up a lot of board games from TableTop videos on YouTube thanks to Wil Wheaton. :)

  3. @Nicky you guys should look into some 2-player minimum games! Jeremy and I like to play Phase 10 (a Rummy based card game, similar to Uno) and Lords of Waterdeep after dinner most nights.

  4. @Crio I've heard so many fun things about SmallWorld. It's on my hit-list of games to try out.

  5. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I love board games. We often have Saturday night games night with our friends. It's such a nice way to get together. There's so little pressure when you've got a silly game in front of you.

    Also, Star Trek Settlers of Catan! Crazy. I didn't know that existed.

  6. @Gypsy in Jasper It's a Target Exclusive!1 You can find it in-store on online in the board game section, over by the toy aisle.

  7. Ok, good start but it looks like a lot of filler for a gamer's closet.
    Waterdeep has no depth, just a lot of cube collecting, imo. Have you tried any cooperative board games?
    I see you like Star Trek, maybe you should check out: