REVIEW: The Walking Dead novels


Let me first start off by saying that I am a mega-huge TWD fan. I own all 106 comics, including many alternative covers and special editions. As well as comic printed in other titles, such as the Liberty Annual and Playboy. YUP! I love TWD.

So when I finally had a chance to read these two books, I was ecstatic. And I come baring praise of flying colors. Since I know not everyone has read the comics, or watched the show, or both. I will try and be very simple with my review.


Kirk-man and Bonansinga do a magnificent job of portraying life in the zombie apocalypse. Rise of the Governor and Road to Wood-bury give  you detailed back-story of the first days of the "turn" and follow through magnificent detail life in the following months.

In the comics and in the show, you join the Rick and his group more than a week after the turn. But with the TWD novels, you're thrown right into the beginning of it.

In RoTG, you follow a group of survivors as they move from place to place, find new ways of surviving and learn the hardships of war against the undead, as well as the living. How they travel. How they find food. And of course, hey they deal with the living people they encounter along the way. RoTG does a great job introducing the Governor as you learn about his past.

In RTW, you meet a fellow group of survivors once again learning the hardships of the zombie apocalypse. How they travel and how they eat. And once again, how they deal with the people they encounter.  As the title suggests, they eventually lead themselves into Woodbury and the story blossoms from there. RTW builds on the previous TWD novel, showing us how survivors have come together to build a town and the secrets that lie beneath.

A third installment has been confirmed for 2013 and according to rumors, will be the final branch that connects the story to the point in which Rick and his group meet the Governor.

If you loved WWZ, you'll love the two Walking Dead installments!!
I give them both a 5/5 and cannot recommend them enough!!

<3 Stephanie.


  1. Like the comment thing says, awesome comments.

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  2. I didn't know there were books! Gonna have to check these out!