Collections: Moar MUGS!


Kayla over at Kaylanaut posted mugs, inspired from another blogger's post. So in the spirit of chain-mail blog posts, here are some mugs that my husband and I have collected over the years!

These mugs sit up on my desk. The Aperture Science one is definitely one of my favorites.
1. This Rocketeer mug has been in my family ever since the movie came out in 1991.
When my mom wanted to sell it at a garage sale a few years ago, I took it home.
2. A snoopy mug I found at BigLots for $1.

1. I got two of these 1960S Japanese teacups at a flea market for $1 each.
2. The geometric mug came from Target over the summer.

My husband's work loves to give out coffee mugs.
His company and mine are competitors, so I feel dirty posting this. >.<

1. DD coffee mug from my husband.
2. The Louisiana mug was a gift that he bought me when we went to visit family there.

Speaking of gifts, this is what I got my husband for XMAS! The company that made these DS9 prop mugs still makes them!

I picked this teacup up at an estate sale for $4!! I love it so much, it just sits on display. Easily one of my favorites.
1. My husband bought me the LEGO mug as a present last year.
2. This skull mug came from Walmart during Halloween. I use it to hold pens and things at my desk.

Do you have a bunch of mixed match mugs or teacups? Or a whole set of matching ones? What's your favorite mug or teacup like?

<3 Stephanie


  1. I have this one mug that is a French inspired mug, and of course, like an asshole..its for my acrylic paints! haha

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I'm like Kayla, I have a certain mug for certain drinks. One for weekday coffee, one for weekend coffee (it's huge!) and one for tea. Then the rest are the same boring old Corelle ones. Ian has one massive glass mug that has a sticker face on it that he adores. I'm not meant to use it, so I steer clear. ;)

  3. Awesome! I love them aaaaaaall! I made a Portal joke on Instagram somewhere and think it went over everyone's heads. :(

    Also, now that we're watching DS9 I totally need to get one or two or five of those mugs for our house. For real. I'll be going through our Facebook message history for that link you sent me way back...

  4. Hey Kayla, I've got a recipe for Raktajino that you can put in those mugs if/when you end up getting some ;)