Happy Valentines Day!


"Roses are Red.
Imperial Guards are too.
I'm hotter than Tatooine.
For a trooper like you."

So sorry for falling behind. I've had a terrible cold all week (must be Con Flu) and I'm finally starting to get over it. I've been drinking Dayquil like it's no body's business so that I wouldn't be all gross for my date tonight.

I had my fair share of dressing up like a man over the weekend. Now I get to be a girly-girl and dress up like a fancy-shmansy woman.

Don't have a valentine this year? Don't fret, I'll totally be your valentine.
Hit me up in the comments below for your Valentine Loving!

<3 Stephanie


  1. My guy's a nerf herder and I wouldn't want it any other way.

  2. @ERIR funny you should mention that. I got my husband some R2D2 Valentines conversation hearts and "NERF HERDER" was one of them. :3